Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

Stratus Dance Club

Stratus Dance Club was the premier alcohol-free young adult nightclub in Southern California from 1978 to 1987. Located in Casa de Oro—the foothills of Mt. Helix , Stratus catered to high-school and college students from San Diego County to as far north as Los Angeles.

Let's have a look at the dope performance of PAR-TAY!!!

...or the super funny Prince, Morris Day & Vanity 6 Look-alike Contest

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The Starz of Tomorro - Let's have a Party

Poppish breakdance-rap on the german Woolfe Records, produced by Wolfang Freund. Makes fun, especially the bandname. Seems to be a a guest-play with US Artists. If you know more about it, please let me know!

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Jeff Mills a.k.a. The Wizard – WJLB Detroit Radio-Tapes 1986 – 1989


'In the 1980s, Mills was an influential radio DJ on WJLB under the pseudonym “The Wizard.” Mills’ sets were a highlight of the nightly show from “The Electrifying Mojo”, Jennifer Owens. Complementing Mojo’s eclectic playlists, Mills would do advanced DJ tricks like beat juggling and scratching while mixing obscure Detroit Techno, Miami Bass, Chicago House and classic New Wave tracks both live and using a multi track when pre-recorded. In going on to create his own music Jeff Mills is credited with laying the foundations for the highly influential Detroit Techno collective, Underground Resistance, alongside ‘Mad’ Mike Banks, a former Parliament bass player. Just like Public Enemy did some years before in hip hop, these men confronted the mainstream music industry with revolutionary rhetoric. Dressed in uniforms with skimasks and black combat suits, they were ‘men on a mission’, aiming at giving techno more content and meaning.' Source: Wiki
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Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Jeff Mills - Exhibitionist Mix

Jeff Mills a.k.a. The Wizard mixing Techno in his inimitable and unique way. Pure pureness!
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Chinese Nuns

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John Talabot Interview at the Red Bull Music Academy

John Talabot sitting on the Red Bull Music Academy couch with Gerd Janson for an extended interview about his music, his influences, Barcelona, records and more! 
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Studio Tour with Dam-Funk

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Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

New Order: Power, Corruption & Lies


The greatness of Factory Records graphic designer Peter Saville.

Peter Saville
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Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Dawn - Victim of a Joyride

Found this som' time ago in Memmingen, when my fellows and me took a joyride there... We've diggin out som boxes which where mostly water damaged. This one had a narrow escape. Shows nice splits between youth center freestyle and boogie for the adults... the dub version isn't that strong, thus the original here...

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Dazed Digital: Veronika Vasicka Mix


Veronica Vasicka's label Minimal Wave is one of the freshest and most interesting labels we know right now. Her releases and finds of obscure material are exceptional and always challenging. We already talked about her activities earlier on this blog and her latest output is a mix, coming with an insightful interview for Dazed Digital. She selects some classic tunes and unknown ones, which i'd love to identify asap! 

Veronica Vasicka Mix + Interview
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Double Image - Ki (1988)


Earth's Answer is a valuable New Age compilation riddled with a lot of familiar names like Popol Vuh, Deuter, Hans Otte and so on. The selectors have picked a chilled out composition of german project Double Image, which is one of the standout tunes on this longplayer. Meditative!

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Montag, 19. März 2012

Nexda – Twofortysix

From the Nexda EP - 246, 121 AND 657. Catchy New Wave, released on Plurex Records, 1982, Amsterdam.

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Bonk Combo - Car Jam (Electro Jazz Mix) (1983)


Overlooked stomper on classic Mango Records. Bonk Combo coming up with weird EFX and heavy dubs brought together with a good dose of Jazziness. Pumping beats for fun games on the dancefloor, and as they named it, it's a gorgeous car jam additionally. Heavy and loud pressing plus easy to get!

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Fact mix 320: Nite Jewel


We're on the side of the appreciators of Nite Jewel. Mostly known for her Ep on Italians do it Better or her collaboration with 80's Funk saviour Dam-Funk, Nite Jewel has a lot more on her plate to serve, as she's involved in many projects with a diverse and intriguing outcome. Nite Jewel has made a mix for renowned Fact Magazine, with obscure and entertaining stuff, which ranges from Folk to Avantgarde and highly qualifies for good home listening. We like!

Fact Mix: Nite Jewel
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Freitag, 16. März 2012

Sa. 17.03.2012: bleepgeeks @ Cabaret eden


Time again for a resident night! We love these opportunities, as there's always enough time and space for experimenting and going deep as it can get. Records flying in from everywhere being from everywhere, and we're very pleased to welcome our friends and fellows for collective fun. Let's bleep it bleep style!
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Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Jimmy Scott - Be careful

Elaborated boogie groover with an essential message! Be careful outta there and don't speak with strangers, as parents always tell their kids...

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Montag, 12. März 2012

Александр Градский - Таня белая (хоровод-танок) / Плач

A nice "track" by the Russian rock musican Alexander Gradsky from 1980 which could go through as a dub step track nowadays. According to my Russian friend the lyrics are very morbid. He sings about Tanja who has black eyebrows and black eyes, he wants to marry her, then he's cheating on her, after that she jumps in a river to kill herself.
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Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Destination Venus – Oh, Lucille (1982)

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Freitag, 9. März 2012

Hydro feat. Lorna - I'll make your day tonight

Mexican pressing of this Canadian disco classic. With an "interesting" picture cover! Has been originally released the Unidisc-Prism axis just with the common disco sleeve. Got a re-edit some time ago which wasn't too bad! Makes my day tonight!

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Hollywood Featuring Harvey "Hollywood" Harris - Get Live (1987)


Play House Records was a classic early Chicago House label. According to the cheap Raps on 'Get Live', they seemingly tried to invent a 'New House Beat' on that track, which is a funny abortive attempt. What came out is a pumping and Chicago-induced Electro/Break Dance beat with a slight wavy-feel and well-known and often used lyrics, which were standard in a lot of Electro and Breakdance tunes back then. Witty fail but overall nice material to move the dancefloor!

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Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Mezzanotte - Mezzanotte (LP, 1984, Sneak Preview)

I was hunting for this for a long time... and nowadays it's nevermore that piece of wax that's hard to find. But what maintained: the great mood on this record. It's filled with fm-synths and interesting programming, lush vocals and freshly pressed boogie-juice, but classic. Man, this brings 1984 definitely perfect together. While listening, i'm dreaming of a chicesque frenchy style, Paris(ienne), design-furniture and cars (what is normally not my cup of tea to dream about). The whole dream is then followed by absolute abstraction. Wow... extravaganza. "Don't give in" is the real winner here. Please raise the volume here especially to the maximum, haha. Well, the recording has some crackles here and there. But hey, better than nothing!
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Three Records To Go For!!! #17

Our heading "Three Records to go for!!!" is meant to highlight you some records, mostly newer ones, that turned out into the bleepgeeks music radar through utterly coincidences, well researched record hunts or any other fortunate circumstances. The stuff we introduce can be dance music, comedy, non-dance music, originals, reissues, bootlegs or limited pieces, we don't separate! In some cases we just liked the Cover of that Record, sometimes we made a mispurchase and sometimes our mandibles came off because of the music which was carved into the rills! We won't do any reviews, puffing these records up to holy grails or slam them into wax garbage! It's just made for you to (hopefully) discover new music and new sleeves! We wish you a lot of fun while finding these records at your local record shop on the streets or in your world wide virtual reality through clicking on to your favourite record stop! Vinyl, we love you lock, stock and barrell! 

Central Unit – Loving Machinery EP

GB – The Provider EP

Carlos Giffoni – Evidence
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Zinc - Amazon (1982)

Been listening to this more often lately. Classic track and a great finger exercise by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi, who are better known for their speedy and uptempo Disco antics. On Amazon they slow things down and the sunny ocean comes closer. I guess this was big in the early eighties around Baia degli Angeli and the likes. Amazon fever!

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Dienstag, 6. März 2012

Black Roses by COMME des GARÇONS ca 1995

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BBC Documentary - The Joy Of Disco


Documentary about how a much-derided music actually changed the world. Between 1969 and 1979 disco soundtracked gay liberation, foregrounded female desire in the age of feminism and led to the birth of modern club culture as we know it today, before taking the world by storm. With contributions from Nile Rogers, Robin Gibb, Kathy Sledge and Ian Schrager.

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Montag, 5. März 2012

Cybotron - Gods Of Norse (1977)

Cybotron, not to be confused with the American group, was an electronic/experimental music band from Australia formed in 1975 by Steve Maxwell Von Braund and Geoff Green. The band was formed after the release of Braund's 1975 album, 'Monster Planet' which Green contributed to; along with Gil Matthews (Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs), Henry Vyhnal and Jim Keays (The Masters Apprentices).

Cybotron released a self-titled album in 1976 containing mainly synthesizers and saxophone. Stylistically, Cybotron were similar to their contemporaries; innovative bands such as Ash Ra Tempel, Hawkwind and Tangerine Dream. They were creating minimalist, repetitive electronica at the same time that Kraftwerk released Autobahn. Today their music is still played around the world and is positively received, albeit not commercially recognised. (Source: Youtube)
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Marrakech - Jeux á deux

Weired mix of oriental uptempo disco, frenchy boogie and italian NRG on this german label. Will rock the floor at the right time!

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Gülcan Opel - Adaletin Bu Mu Dunya

Adaletin Bu Mu Dunya (Justice of the world) is a famous Turkish protest song written and interpreted by Ali Ercan in 1965 (I'm not sure, if the linked version is the original from 1965), and than interpreted by countless other singers, according to Youtube views most famously by Selda Bağcan (1971) but also by my favorite Turkish singer Gülden Karaböcek (1971). It's an intense song with lyrics about the injustice of the world. The Selda version is kind of harsh, her voice is kind of whiny and bewailing, the version by Gülden Karaböcek is sweeter, her voice is softer and it has a deeper resonance. Nevertheless I would have never posted a version of this song here until I came across this splendid interpretation by Gülcan Opel from 1972. It's nicely orchestrated, very reduced like the Ali Ercan version. But most importantly it has a steady funky groove. Gülcan Opels intonation is very rhythmical but nevertheless sweet. She thereby kind of transcends the howling in the other versions. Enjoy!
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Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Allo, le réseau - Allo maman allo

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Samstag, 3. März 2012

Hareton Salvanini - Growing

A nice piece of funky and psyched out film music from a Brazilian erotic / soft porn movie from 1981, a pornochanchada named Xavana, uma ilha do amor (Xavana, Island of Love).
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