Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

Disqö Harmony: Center Stage - Never

One of the painstaking disco-producers was Patrick Adams. He dropped thousands of titles with more or lesser success on different labels with several projects, and is doing many stuff still today. One thing's clear: He has a unique style of harmonies in his music.
In 1980, the disco-era almost vanished. Below this text, we have some last shouts from the disco-influencing label "Prelude", which became also relevant for dance-music during the 80's. The A-Side is a heavyweight harmonytune produced by, guess who, chief Patrick Adams as one of his projects "Center Stage". Along on this project we have a super-classy disco B-Side "Are you ready" produced by Christine Wiltshire, which was also a singer on some of the Patrick Adams productions like "Musique". I suppose she was singing on both sides of the record because she seemed to be involved in the whole project. This record came out on Prelude Records Canada only and was probably never released in the US.

Center Stage - Never
Center Stage - Are you ready
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Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

FG's Romance - What is love today

Dear peops, it's getting cold outside. What could be better than feed this time with love and slow music. The laid-back man on the cover has the perfect vibe for this needs. "Ein UFA Produkt", produced by F. and F. for Goya Productions in 1985 with the severe question: What is love today?

FG's Romance - What is love today?
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Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

Sa. 17.10.2009 : bleepgeeks @ eden feat. dj Gerd Janson (Running Back Records/Lorsch)

It's bleepgeeks time! Our october bleep will feature the quintessential dj's dj Gerd Janson from the Running Back Records fame. We had him playing last year in november and we really loved his set, so this was simply a question of time to invite him again to the holy rooms at eden.
Really looking forward to this!
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Casio - Databank - Telememo 30 Gold

Nice golden Casio watch available at Freudiankicks
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Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009

New-Ulm-Wave: Melted Image - Londontown

Some of you may know that our beloved Ulm and his sourrounding area is a remarkable source of New-Wave/EBM/Gothic enthusiuasts. Here we have a private pressing from a band called MELTED IMAGE from Wangen/Allgeau which recorded their music at the CRISS-TONSTUDIO in Elchingen near Neu-Ulm from a guy called Stefan Raebel! The recording is very good and professional, as most in this genre, so big respect from my side. I couldn't find anything out about the year but i suppose it's end80s/early90s (due to the the artwork, clothing and sound). Also the names of the artist cannot be found out except on the cover. Are you the artist or know something more about this record, please email me! AND BEWARE, this one's could go big on today's New-Wave dancefloors!

Melted Image - Londontown
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