Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

We love Ulm Tshirts S/S 09

hello friends, friends and friends!

We are happy to announce the "We love Ulm" Tshirt Spring/Summer 09 Edition. All Tees are made with organic cotton and have the specific "We love Ulm" logo on the chest. The "We love Ulm" cotton cases are coming as a bonus with the tshirts. Check the pictures(made by floze, find his website in our friends link list) below!
All Tshirts are available in the next few days through Lacee Fashion Store(LINK) and Friseursalon Hildebrand.
Ultra limited in the first release!

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Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

bleepgeeks on facebook

get in touch with us on facebook: LINK
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Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

peel mp3 blog reader for music lovers and lunatics (MAC ONLY)

give this piece of software a shot if you:

  • love music
  • need to keep track of a lot of (mp3) blogs
  • have 9$ left in your pocket (TODAY!!!)
although peel doesn`t support deep linked files (zshare, divshare, mediafire, ...) it became an invaluable piece of software to me.

peel just makes it very comfortable to prelisten and (autmatically) download tracks of your favourite mp3 blogs.
it still needs some features i am missing, but following the developers website, version 2 is allready in the making and looking good.


peel website

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Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009

Sa. 18.07.09 : bleepgeeks feat. Beautiful Swimmers (Future Times/Washington D.C.) @ Eden, Ulm

Die Beautiful Swimmers, bestehend aus Andrew F.-P. & Ari G. aus Washington, D.C., sind der Geheimtip für das Jahr 2009. Großstadthipster, Musikjournalisten, Schallplattensammler, Beach Boys und Beach Girls einigen sich per high five auf die Schwimmermusik!
Sie trifft genau den Zeitgeist: Elektronisch, 80s infected, extrem tanzbar.
Auf dem eigenen Imprint "Future Times" sorgten sie mit Ihrer letzten Platte für die Wiederbelebung der New Yorker Prelude Records Ära und zauberten expertenhaft den Disco- und Boogieflavour aus den Drumcomputern. An der B-Seite würde sogar Balearic Dj-Legende Alfredo großen Spass haben. It feels like Ibiza in 1986!
Andrew F.P. ist neben seinem Beautiful Swimmers Projekt auch Teil der Combo "Food for Animals", die mit experimentellem Hip-Hop und Disco-Rap die Welt von Berlin bis Vancouver betourt. Ihre Platten sind rar und heiss gehandelt wie guter Trüffel aus Frankreich!
Bei Ihrer allerersten Beautiful Swimmers Tour durch Europa werden Andrew und Ari auch im Eden auf hohen Wellen reiten und längst vergessene House- und Disco-Kassiker elegant mit hochaktuellen Techno Sounds vermischen.
Wir freuen uns auf einen heißen Surf Abend!


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Going into 90's : Alfreda James - That ain't love

Going back again into the 90's: Here's a great modern soul tune by Alfreda James. If my researches are correct, she made a great 12" called "Back Together" with Billy Ray on Rappers Rapp Records years before, in the mood of Rich Casons "YEAR 2001 BOOGIE". Not surprisingly, Rich Cason Produced that track also... :)
Here we now have a swinging'n'saxy tune for the elder people, with a gospelish background connected with keyboard-choirs as we would fly in heaven...

Alfreda James - That ain't love
for promotional use and for presentation only. we will clear this snippet in a short period of time.
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Sa.11.07.09 - FEEEL Outdoor Experience 2009

14.00-15.00 TBA!!!

Elektronisches [Elektro/ Minimal/ Progressive/ Disco & more]:
15.00-16.00h COOL KID DEWEY [untitled, ulm]
16.00-17.30h BLEEPGEEKS [scube-serdar dogan-michael langlois-julian gareis, ulm]
17.30-18.30h STEFFEN HERB & KID CUT [siam, decadance,ulm]

Mash-Up [80ies/ 90ies/ HipHop/B-More/ Booty Bass]:
18.30-19.00 STUDIOLINE [neon direkt, ulm]
19.00–19.45 5TER TON [bassschule/ torso/ transit, stuttgart]
19.45-20.15 SCHLUCK DEN DRUCK – DJ-Set – [druckplatten records, berlin]

Nuskool-Breaks/ Dubstep & more Bass:
20.15-21.00 CUT AND RUN [inuit / burnt, ulm]
21.00-21.45 SUBTONE [reminder/prime, ulm]


21.45-22.30 RREGULA [bse / habit / technique, perth, australien ]
22.30-23.00 DEMENTIA [citrus | shadowlaw | disturbed , hannover]
23.00-0.00 NME CLICK incl. MC MARVELOUS [dsci4 | shadybrain | basswerk , ulm]
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AKAI S-900 - I can't help it...

When i talk about this now i feel old. Some may know that i produced music in the past. Some may know that i sparley to zero produce music now. However, i found a cheap sounding track i've done in 1998 and now renamed it to my new alias. It was 100% sampling trial with an Akai S-900, which you can find now in a museum. I really liked the preset sinus curve/subbass on this machine which is very unique and great for dubby tracks. Yes, i miss you boy, but three heights in a rack for 1 MB of sampling, 9 outputs and steaming heat production is not my kind of business anymore...
Back to the track. My sampling-sources weren't very innovative and my musical skills also (like today). With too much reverb, to little bass it's giving it a poor but sympathic atmosphere. Especially today. Word Up J. MICHAEL!

"Mr. Lovebug" - I can't help it (Sketch from 1998)

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Montag, 6. Juli 2009

Beautiful Swimmers errrr Surf errrr Fascination???

We are looking forward to our bleepgeeks party with the Beautiful Swimmers (Washington D.C.) next week! But what about surfing??? Here i offer a german solution....

"Surf-Fascination" is a production from 1982 by Christian Bruhn (which is known for the Captain Future Soundtrack) for the German HB tobacco group. Solid baselines, fast disco beats and a constant feel good factor with waves, cosmic synths making the smoker and non-smoker happy. YEAH, slide away...

HB Highlights - Surf-Fascination (Part I)
for promotional use and for presentation only. we will clear this snippet in a short period of time.
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Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009

Flavoursome Cheesecake-Disco : Desireé

Simply choose a drink from the milk-bar and relax in your beloved rubber boat...

Desireé - Goodbar won't ya take me home tonight
whole information for promotional purpose only.
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