Montag, 27. April 2009

Terms of Surrender - Happy Together

That's how some DJ's like it. 11:54 Minutes Non-Stop Music on one record-side for doing some break, going to the toilet or smoking a cigarette. In this case i would move immediately to the floor doin' some kinky moves with ya!

Disconet DJ NEWS Volume 5 Program 12 about "Terms of Surrender":
>Terms of Surrender come from New York and London to combine the British new music style with basic New York beat box. Their debut single for MSB Records covers The Turtles' classic 1960s smash, "Happy Together." Mark Berry produced, so you know the tracks cook from the nice intro to the very last beat.<

You have not heard about DISCONET before? I refer to the following texts:
The Disconet Story (Deutsch)
The Disconet Story (English)

You won't go to the toilet, smoking no cigarette, having no break? Ok, simply listen to the part without Boris Midney's D-D-D-Dance....
A fantastic, spooky pop-influenced bomb putting your pants off!

Terms of Surrender - Happy Together

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First Touch - First Touch LP ..... 4U 4FREE!

Have a look at this awesome LP from First Touch! It's tremendous, mostly instrumentally driven, high quality Modern Boogie released in 2009 by a group from Mannheim/Germany! Mastered by Neo-Boogieologist Reeno at spazzoid studios nyc!

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dmx Krew album promo snippet

Ed Dmx will soon release a new album on Aphex Twin's Rephlex Records. You need more information? Click on the video to get them while having fun listening to it!

We will have him playing live for us at sucasa club on thursday night! Three days left!
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Samstag, 25. April 2009

Don't modify!

Great progressive Rock in it's cosmic mood produced around 1979/80. Inspired by the greogorian requiem from 13th century!? Just perfect in it's "modern version"... Don't modify, else it's profane...!!

Sky - Dies Irae
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Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

Out to get you!

There are sometimes records around that make me happy because they've got a dub version of a "doubtful" original... "Doubtful" in this case is a strange trumpet element which seems to degrade the full track in it's flow. Oh no, it's also in the dub version! So what shall we do? Making an Edit of an Dub Version??? Sounds like bullshit, but that's how sometimes things are... I called it "De-Trumpet Version" for those who agree with and pitched it up to 120 BPM for a better adjustment on the dancefloor... Many thanks for listening.... Originally released on Banana in 1983.

Fascination - Out to get you (Mr. Lovebug's De-Trumpet Version)
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bleepgeeks date on Intergalactic fm

we've done it and we are happy to see our date with ed dmx a.k.a. dmx Krew on Intergalactic fm. click on the picture to see it in full effect. it just looks so good, isn't it?
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All over the world!

The real disco and boogie-productions vanished long ago... but one sound remaines until today : the modern/neo sound of soul! Chuck Jackson's "All over the world" shows how this style has to sound like in 1989 ... heartrending, a great voice from a seasoned person and... "progressive", having no human percussions in the song. So, this production was done with "a housy beat" from drumcomputers which was carried by inexpensive chords&horns from wacky synths. He was modern indeed... in the view of today he was ahead of the times because he gives a pleasent feel of the great sound which was produced in the beginning of the 90's! This stuff's all over the world! Both perfect for rainy and sunny days! Check it out and make love!

Chuck Jackson - All over the world
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Mittwoch, 22. April 2009

Ta-tü ta-ta die Post ist da?

Sometimes lyrics are complete nonsense! Especially if you focus to the sound of the "Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW)" which was great for a short period of time in Germany in the 80's. Still now people celebrate that music mainly when it's carneval... Err... Well, besides of that, a group called TELEFUNK released an obscure record in 1982 with leftfield/post-punkin' influences on STIFF Records... but with sensless words either!?...not really. It's quite political in some way. Sassy thing also: they used the Casio VL-1 as backround rhythm like TRIO did in the same year with their hit "Da-Da-Da"! Or has TELEFUNK been the inventor of this beat?? Be cool... it's the rhythm "Rock-1" from the preset of this Synthesizer! Ta-tü ta-ta, die Post ist da!! It's great! Check also the flipside somewhere... it's great for today's dancefloor preheating! OUCH!

Telefunk - Ta-tü ta-ta die Post ist da!
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Beautiful Swimmers - Swimmers Groove / O Yea

So lucky, that we have done a bleepgeeks night at last year's Klangbad Festival. Afterwards we got in touch with this very nice guy named Andrew Field-Pickering from Maryland/US. He performed live as experimental hip hop combo "Food for Animals".
Having talked about some serious boogie issues and sounds, we found out that he was doing some work for the infamous Peoples Potential Unlimited Label.

Everyone who knows us, knows that we love PPU!

So we never lost interest in what Andrew was doing and he is really doing very well at the moment with his new "Beautiful Swimmers" Project, run together with Ari Goldman. The 12' was released out of Washington DC on Future Times recordings a short time ago.

What you get is some professionally mashed up boogie on the one side and uebercool afro-balearic sounds on the other side. Definitely a summer winner!

Grab your copies at your unlocal recordstore and be quick as they are rare and indemand!

You want some teasing material? There is a youtube video going around done by Aurora Halal & Ashiq Khondker from New York.

Great stuff indeed!

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Dienstag, 21. April 2009

dmx KREW (LIVE) @ bleepgeeks (2009-04-30, venue:

April is continuing to be fun! After a great weekend with Marco Passarani ( we`ll slip into may with dmx KREW (turbo records, breakin, rephlex) aka ed dmx and its going to be the 2nd time in our new format bleepgeeks intl.
if you haven`t a clue who this guy is or what we are doing please check the following websites, its pretty late now and i still need to do some other stuff. so before i copy and paste all this information around. check out the following links... how great that the web is linked up, isn`t it :-P

dmx Krew :
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Montag, 20. April 2009

Mr. charming Gentleman Marco Passarani @ bleepgeeks

marco passarani @ bleepgeeks (2009-04-18),
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Freitag, 17. April 2009

Kaito - Inside River (Special Love Lp/Kompakt)

Hiroshi Watanabe a.k.a. Kaito on melody and soundscape duties.

Kaito - Inside River"
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Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

This is for MY homies!

By the way... Somebody told me that there's egyptian music on this 12"... what a muppet...

Rodney O - This is for the homies
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Mittwoch, 15. April 2009

Marco Passarani Interview on RedbullMusicAcademy

Saturday night is getting closer and we will not let you less informed about italian mulitasker Marco Passarani. He was on the couch with our mate Gerd Janson, talking about Pasta, his Labels, Projects and much more!

Get your Gelato, take your seat and have fun!

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Atmosfear - Xtra Special (1982/UK) - Elite Records

Our beloved man Hunee from Berlin was over here in Ulm a few weeks ago. It was big fun all the time! Besides constant hugging and smiling, we talked about good food, music and records. One of our topics was ueber producer Andy Sojka's Elite Records Label. Hunee played "How High" from Spencer Jones and we had a lot of fun competing about which Elite Release was the best one.
The Result? We didn't come to an agreement!:-) There are just too many good tunes and to champion one specific release would be truly off-key!

I have chosen Atmosfear's "Xtra Special" for this post. Atmosfear was one of the main projects of Andy Sojka. Most of you will know him under his "Powerline" moniker and i'm sure you already have downloaded his classic "double journey" somewhere in the web. So let's get back quickly to "Xtra Special", a solid 80ies tune with some trademark Elite/Sojka ingredients!


- this is the original pre-release version which appeared on a white label.
- check out Dolette Mcdonald's "(Xtra) Special"" and you will be surprised, not just by the similar tracknames.

Atmosfear - Xtra Special"
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this post about umbrellas in spring time isn't meant to be sarcastic. i just found these ones in the s/s collection of henrik vibskov and marimekko.

what i really want to say is: design your own umbrellas!

umbrella by marimekko. get them here

umbrella by henrik vibskov. get them here
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Montag, 13. April 2009

Saxy thing!

You maybe know the problem. There's a kinky track on a LP, but it's to short to play out because you are keen on 12"inch disco-versions. So let's do our homework and create one! "Players Association - Everything's gonna be o.k" from the LP "Born to dance", which has been released in 1977, has now become a slippy 8:20 journey through it's breathtaking, heartshaking vocals, along with it's necessary sax appeal at the end of the track! Hope you like it...

Players Association - Everything's gonna be ok [Lovebug Enlarged]/
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Oldie but goldie...

We love the sun and we love the warm nights...!!!
An ever glowing musicscape helps us to intensify a feeling for years: DUB-TECHNO. The inventors around Moritz von Oswald and the Basic Channel Crew in Berlin did the right thing to create sound which is timeless. Some tried to copy, but didn't reach them really... One ode to "the chiefs" has been fixed by AME with BASIC TRACK (which speaks for itself) on the B-Side of the great 12" on Innervision that almost sunk in oblivion because the A-Track "Rej" was much greater in 2005. That one has been edited and remixed nowadays.

Ame - Basic Track
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Sonntag, 12. April 2009


Tony Caso became famous when he dropped a 12" on Bobby O.'s Label in 1983. Still now "All the love in my heart" is sought after among collectors. But the record above wasn't Tony's Debut. Together with SALVATION, he released a great disco single in 1980 named "I Want To Dance With You" on Lam. It's time to make love on the dancefloooooooooooooooooooooor....!

Tony Caso - I want to dance with you
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Freitag, 10. April 2009

Sa.18.04.09 : bleepgeeks feat. dj marco passarani @ eden, ulm

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Yes!!! Marco Passarani ist einer von unseren absoluten Wunschbookings! Ein kurzer Blick auf seine Biographie...

Italien gilt hierzulande in Techno-Angelegenheiten nicht unbedingt als ein Hort großer Namen, Labels und aufstrebender Talente. Die Szene gilt als vergleichsweise überschaubar.
In der ewigen Stadt Rom indes hält sich wacker eine Gruppe von Produzenten, DJs und Labelmacher rund um den Vertrieb Final Frontier. Dazu zählt neben Mario Pierro und Francesco de Bellis eben auch Marco Passarani, der in den frühen 1990ern von Anfang an die Entwicklung von Techno und Acid auf den Raves und Partys in der italienischen Hauptstadt als DJ und durch seine Live-Auftritte miterlebt und gestaltet hat. In der Heimat haftet dem Römer bis heute ein Ruf als ausgezeichneter Organisator heißgeliebter Partys an. Da sich in Italien schon zu Beginn der 1990er-Jahre die Möglichkeiten für den Produzentennachwuchs äußerst bescheiden gestalten, gründet Passarani gemeinsam mit einem Kumpel Nature Records und den zugehörigen Vertrieb Final Frontier.

Später kommen noch die Labels Plasmek und Pigna hinzu, auf dem vor allem Mario Pierro und Francesco de Bellis ihre gemeinsamen Projekte Jolly Music und Mat 101 sowie Mario Pierros Raiders Of The Lost ARP veröffentlichen. Passarani selbst produziert außerdem als J's Pool, Monomorph und Ambit 3 für Labels wie Skam, Hymen, Clone in Rotterdam – der holländischen Bastion für Electro und Italo-Disco - und Peacefrog Records in England, auf dem auch sein Album "Sullen Look" erschien. Aktuell hevorzuheben ist auch seine reguläre Radioshow in der RedBullMusicAcademy names "Dimensione Jack", wo er ein großes Spektrum an Musik darbietet.

In seinen DJ-Sets spielt Passarani klassischen Techno verquirrlt mit Italo-Disco, Electro und Funked-Up-Electronica, Chicago-House, oftmals unveröffentlichte Stücke, Beats oder Edits. Marco hat schon fast überall auf dem Erdball gespielt, wie beispielsweise Clubs wie das Avalon (New York/USA), BERGHAIn / PANORAMAbar (Berlin/D), FABRIC (London/UK), FLEX (Wien/AT), THE LOFT (Barcelona/ES), MAD RACKET (Sydney/AUS), PARADISO (Amsterdam/NL), REX (Paris/FR), ROTE FABRIK (Zurich/CH), THE ARCHES (Glasgow/UK), ULTRASCHALL (Munich/D) oder WOMB (Tokyo/JP).


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Donnerstag, 9. April 2009


Dear people, this is the MOST DISGUSTING LP-COVER i've ever had in my collection! You might think i've got an error in taste??? Nono...
When i got this record, it first looked clean, but then.... the smell, the looking of the cover................. i was looking in the inlay....


I'm unable to get rid of this aroma till today!

The music? The artwork? SURE IT'S GREAT!
Have a bite! UGH! :)

Digital Emotion-The Beauty and the Beast
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Donnerstag, 2. April 2009


I found this years ago in a recordshop which is specialised on Italo-Music. Incredible thing: it was in the "sort-out"-Box for cheap money (thanks also to "Mr. unknown to me Thomas Drenth" for buying this 26 Years ago)... More incredible is the fact that you can purchase it cheap as well nowadays. If you don't want to do this you can get the original RAP DUB with a felicitous remix of "Snack 'n Cmish" on Supra Records, which has been released recently. But how sounds the RAP-Version?

gee gee and gym band - magic kaboola (radio edit)
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