Dienstag, 31. März 2009

Got $$?

Yes folks, it's easy to spend money on records...

I was wondering why this one goes for around 2000 Dollars and over!


Judge yourself!!

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Montag, 30. März 2009

First come, first serve!

It's a pity! Having myself the idea of enlarging and modifying Leonard Seeley's Heritage "Feel It" on Zoo York, a mysterious "U-Term" already put it into the meat chopper... Well, we are not alone in the world of ideas... Mostly we got the ideas from the world! Thanks for that!

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Sonntag, 29. März 2009

RARE COSMIC DISCO BOMB 1979 !!!! What's it worth???

You may know this strange species called "record collector" (syn. record hunter, mad seeker, maniacs). It's a passion for them having new sound, new input, mostly everyday, every second!!! Well, same's to me somehow, hehe. Ok, now a a story that may fit on you, too...

I was walking through a dessert of bad vinyl. Suddenly a mysterious record-oasis emerged! Everything seemed to fit: The appearance, the age, the usefulness for my body, soul and ear... how... worthy and precious! But as it is in many cases: IT'S FATA MORGANA (mostly identified at home on the recordplayer)!

Same to the record above. It's NOT a cosmic disco bomb, its disappointing, easy to get carnival-disco that cannot be edited, sampled or whatsoever (exept the VOCODER-PART--> makes mood). The B-Side is no hidden gem, too. Now i've got it in my stock (with all these other fata morganas! HARG!).

Hindsight is easier than foresight, that's clear.

But bad experiences good sometimes bring a favourable issue:

1. it was worth enough positing it on the bleepgeeks-blog to warn you! :)
2. it found this on the net as consolation:

If you want to share your FATA MORGANA-Experiences, let us KNOW! WE ARE KEEN ON KNOWING IT!

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Samstag, 28. März 2009


It's great. PPU floods Germany with excellent indemand boogie and disco-stuff with an steadily growing labelcatalogue. BP-003 refers to a kinky release made by two ballplayers called Lenny Randle and Thad Bosley. They originally released their stuff as private pressings on Randle Enterprises. But what has happened 1984? Thad's gone SOLO again! Well... we suppose not really with a new musical idea, because he refers to "Ballplayers - American Worker" made in 1983.. He modified the trackname into "Mulldigger" and created a more electronic, but same darkish killer on a label called B&E. WE LOVE IT! Many thanks THAD!

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Freitag, 27. März 2009

Everliving bleepin'

Sure, everybody is keen on Los Angeles T.F. - Magical Body. It's a great smasher for the dancefloor... But how do the other releases from this combo around Tony Travagliante and Franco Zasa, also called LATF, kick the ass?? WE TRIED IT OUT! "Everliving living" is gliding big in the first 2 minutes, seems to have everything an italo-bomb needs. But what's this? Disappointing parts making a childish atmosphere to us, nearly letting us putting off the needle! What has gone wrong? Are we not strong enough? Or is this the reason why Everliving living became not so famous? Well... we dunno. Here's a selfmade solution letting us the needle on the record... with extra enlarged intro and outros, (hopefully) reasonable cuts-outs and inductive loops!

LATF - everliving bleepin' [Lovebug's Cutdown]
for promotional use and for presentation only. we will clear this snippet in a short period of time. in low quality. contact us if you want more.

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Dienstag, 24. März 2009

Hard to CUT!

Have you ever wonder what happens when the door opens at the legendary bleepgeeks-nights @ Eden? If you are really early you should walk closely to the dancefloor; you might see us making strange gymnastics while we are listening to music and ... while we are waiting for YOU!!! Last saturday something was made clear to us: the boogie-gem from "network - hard to give it up" has a really 'non-gymnastically' part inside the track ->>> obviously it needs a change by cutting it out!!! OH NO, NOT ANOTHER EDIT!!!!! Yes, we're fed up with it like you do... But sometimes we have to judge on ourselfs.

network - hard to cut out [bleepgeeks paste]
for promotional use and for presentation only. we will clear this snippet in a short period of time.

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Montag, 23. März 2009

Turn on the RADIO!

As some of you know, but maybe forget:
the bleepgeeks-crew has their own radio-show at Ulm's non-commercial broadcast station "RADIO FREEFM 102,6 MHZ" each 1st, 3rd and 5th saturday from 22-24 o'clock! You can easily listen to us live by tuning into the livestream at that time:


otherwise you will be directed to the live-program which is scheduled at:


>>>YOU MAY ASK WHAT'S GOING ON ON 2nd and 4th SATURDAY from 22-24 o'CLOCK???

We are still there for you. You can listen to an eclectic mix of music at that time from our musicstock, called "freeshift". We need a rest sometimes.


Here's some help: Spin the time forward! (dumb joke). If this doesn't work click the player below, relax and you can get a impression of the actual freeshift...

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Donnerstag, 12. März 2009

Jetzt wissen wirs ->

Geeks sind sexy - Nerds nicht

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Dienstag, 3. März 2009

...more than danceclassics!

Greetings, Lovebug's my name, the unofficial (p)resident(-dj) of the fancy bleepgeeks-nights @ Club Eden in Ulm!! My passion is collecting & playing good music, that's all.... Especially if it sounds like boogie, italo, dance, funk, modern ... blahblah... back from the past to nowadays. I thought to squeeeeeze the trigger of my non-legendary 'DanceClassics'-Mixing Series: ---> Part 4 >>> to blast your ssssssssssspeakers! Beware, it contains some rare and obscure stuff!! Taste it here....


For promotion purposes only.

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