Montag, 8. Juni 2015

Lovebug presents 'Lost Findings' [Boogie Cosmic Classics Disco Italo]

It has been a while ago since my last mix so i was wondering myself what to serve this time. Many things have been discovered in the last years, through discogs, ebay and not to be forgotten: your (local) recordshop and fleamarket. Most of the information has been placed into databases. So what shall i tell you?!
Surely that grabbing the rarest of the rare with a full purse is that easy. But what about these findings with a story behind, especially that have been digged out in the "euro bin"? I know that there are millions of stories out there. No problem, let there be some more from my side... :) I compiled a mix with stuff that's popular; from the disco, boogie and italo genre and i made these findings from around 2008 to 2014 (one of them i lost but found and one i got as a gift again) at a bargain price. That's six years in the internet era. Most of them were off the radar because the databases weren't filled enough at that time. I guess it will be much harder to get them today: But never say never. Things can be so crazy!
"Lost Findings" means in addition: these records got lost in my collection but they have been re-discovered on my own, because they are simply good.

It was a sunny day at the fleamarket, i guess in 2009, when we bleepgeeks-guys appeared at a dealer that made a liquidation of a local 80s discotheque-collection. You find this one in a million definitely here in our smalltown! We digged in the boxes like hell and found nice classics and no real killers, but my buddy Serdar grabbed the Donna McGee which is a real gem. I was shocked and happy in the same time he found it. Still blown away, I tried to persuade him with all my cogency for hours to swap with some of my finds, but he was hard like a rock, hahahahahaah! C'mon, givvvvvvve it pleeeeeease to me. Anyhow, i can't forget this situation as i this tune was in my wants for years! :) In the end, whoooo. I stumbled over a cheap copy in 2014, ok, in the net, but the story's now engraved (mentally) in the record! That's funny!

In 2011, Serdar and i had a trip to Düsseldorf playin' out some music. Jan Schulte gave us a tip to go to a secondhand-shop which seemed also off the radar for inhabitans. I can't remember the name, but the shop was really unique, led by some oriental guy that had a funky background. We digged the tightly filled ikea-shelfs which was my doom. I yanked out the Patterns in Peru first and placed it back for those reasons:
1. i was too fast and hot in action
2. i though that the cover was originally soft and not so hard so i didn't realise (>"look and feel clash")
3. ikea-filled shelfs are shitty to dig
Serdar went through the shelf after me and he knew how to pick it. Whhhhhoooo! Same feeling like on the fleamarket in 2009, hahahah! But i was less harder to persuade him this time.... HAHAHA!
Anyhow, after a few years, he gave it to me as a gift! Thanks for that!

Deviacci and Titus Williams have been picked by myself from the same record-fair dealer in two different places and years. I was lucky to make it quite slowly at the fair in Aalen because no other sharks were around. Deviacci, wich was unknown to me at that time, fell into my hands and made it's work on the decks at home. What a monstrous pop song. The resumption of the Band "A-HA" in my opinion.
Titus Williams was a great pick. At this record-fair in Ulm surely all the guys were there. It was early in the morning and the bleep-buddies already hung over the boxes somewhere. I focused on the dealer i met in Aalen and made another great shot. In unbelievably mint condition.

Long before the Plattenlaedle in Reutlingen was on discogs, we had the opportunity to make some good finds there for a nice price. Kneeling over thousands of records i found a nice UK-Classic from Claudia, that in parts, reminds me of Victoria Beckham from the Spice Girls. Errr, yes. Somehow a precursor?

Julian and I swapped two bargain records we've found somewhere. I got the Debbie Jacobs which is a pumpin' bomb. I had the chance to grab another one at a fleamarket in Tübingen, just before the sharks went in.

At a close fleamarket in the Swabian Alps i was diggin' through Heino, Arcade and all that shit having dusty fingers from 50 years old covers. A kiosk appeared from a friendly man and i went through his singles and took John Fordes Stardance with me. I didn't expect that there was also a 45 version around, especially with this nice picture cover.

Terrance-T Luv is the guy that brought us the thrillin' tune "She's a party girl". Later, he became smarter, being the perfect son-in-law. I found "Hot Natured" at Soundcircus in Ulm but sold it for whatever reason, which was a fault. Having had this experience, I bought it again at nearly the same price in  the net again.

I picked the Mac Thornhill at a store in Kassel back in 2012 at a quick-side trip from holidays. I was hot and scrabbling on the ground there. This record has that typical "Quebec-European" licensing feel like Rams Horn. I had the feeling there's more to get in that shop as this is Germany's funkcity with a GI background. But i think i'm not the only one, so possibly it's digged out, haha! But the dealer told me he has still more and more (and more) boxes. But i didn't have the time... C'est la vie!

Danny Keith was one of the 2008 digs. I had the chance, long before the bleep-buddies went into the local recordstore "Russ", to have this box open for my own. Back then the dub version cried for an edit. But who cares now...?!


01. Donna McGhee - You Should Have Told Me [Obago 1981]
02. Patterns In Peru - Playing Games [Vernon 1986]
03. Titus Williams - Give Me Some Love Tonight (Instrumental) [Flash Night 1985]
04. Claudia - Don't Give Up Your Love [Rhythmic Records 1984]
05. Debbie Jacobs - High On Your Love [MCA 1979]
06. Diviacci - Waiting For Heaven [Discomagic 1985]
07. John Forde - Stardance [EMI 1977]
08. Terrance-T-Luv - Hot Natured (Club Mix) [World Music Records 1985]
09. Mac Thornhill - No Way To Control It [Channel Records 1983]
10. Danny Keith - Keep On Music (Dub) [Time Records 1984]

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