Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

A bleepgeeks Retrospection of 2010

Dozens of merry radio shows, countless entries on our blog, numerous psyched up music sessions, extensive think tanks, funny digging tours, long journeys, super balearic chill-outs, meaty barbecues, restful hiking days and exactly twelve bleepgeks events. 2010 has been and still is a terrific year for us! There's no volcanic dust on our records and no negative data stored on WikiLeaks.

Once again, the love of music was our biggest impulsion to push things forward and to move into different directions, in terms of music and in terms of pivotal reflection about all things, concerning the bleepgeeks issue.
All efforts flowed into our bleepgeeks nights, were everything was made alive. The music, the passion, the wants, the creative outcome, the fear, the fun, the right things, the wrong things, the mistakes, the pleasure and last but not least, our love.

Affirmative! We were blessed! We solely went through great nights, bar none, made deep experiences and each bleepgeeks night was very special for us, thanks to different reasons and context.

Our resident nights were conceived as enlarged and experimental music sessions, to expand our own musical programme with no borders on the one hand, and to build the best possible bridges between our bookings and guests on the other hand. We can't thank our crowd nowhere near enough for giving us the opportunity to try and test, to succeed and even to fail. We learned a lot and we keep learning all the time. As everybody should now for sure, we deeply feel connected to our crowd, friends and fellows!

Same is true of our bookings, guest djs and live acts. It's very hard to clothe our perfect appreciation in words. Everyone was just so unique, inspiring and authentic.
The congenial Permanent Vacation Djs, who showed us the perfect balance between sophisticated pop and munich styled disco, the adept and charming De:Bug Journalist Finn Johannsen, who teached us in playing and bringing together all the good vibes of european and american dance music, the amazing Düsseldorfers Stabil Elite Band and Jan Schulte, who take the Sound of Düsseldorf to the next level(think of Kraftwerk, Neu! and the likes), The Washington D.C. cats from the Beautiful Swimmers, who burned down the house boogie-wise and cultivated swimming moves in the club, the man Hunee, who always comes up with something new and makes it so easy to fall in love with his style, the Munich-heads Benjamin Roeder and Marvin C. Schuhmann, who rocked the crowd and made them cheer for reggae, the Dresden based booking-agent #npnk, who took care of the rough and raw, and Chicago-based gentleman Melvin Oliphant III a.k.a. Traxx, who hit us deep and showed us the definition of Kode and Jakbeat(his very own philosophy and take on dance music).

With all our guests and musical selections, we always try to stay as diverse as we can and aim to spot and fill the needs of our beloved city, with no fear of taking risks and a firm belief.

Great music came out 2010 and there was one thing in common: It made our hearts leap for joy! To name everything specifically by name would just go beyond the scope of this tiny and little retrospection, but there was so much to explore this year!
The whole UK-bass and post-dubstep explosion, the limited pressings from america, ranging from funk, disco, boogie, outsider music to cold but heartwarming new-wave and synthpop, the european labels, that brought house, techno and exciting pop efforts into our PO Box(let's think of the much-respected hard-wax white label stamps for example). Listings just could go longer and longer but let's stop the love letters here for all the new music out there.

The mammoth amount of our research fields and discoveries was the 2nd hand market for sure, that made us drive and browse through germany and other countries. We rang bells, made everything dusty, from our fingers to our pants and jackets, smelled strange air in lofts, made record stores shaky and we heavily used all the internet shizzle to find records, records and even more records. The result? Our bleepgeeks music archive got bigger and bigger and it was so much fun to bleegeek all this stuff together!

A new thing came up with one of our signature features. We went into new solutions and strategies with the bleepgeeks flyers. It's not always easy with flyers, but that's also the fun part of it. After we went through a huge collection of our dear friends, Marc Hörger and Florian Wild, we've went a little bit dry to find the perfect photo match for each months happening at our resident club cabaret eden. So we started digging for pictures, as we are used music-wise. Struggling at first, connecting up with the photographers of our pictures of desire and working out reasonable fees, we soon had some really great and creative contributions this year from Russia, Norway and Portugal for example, which easily can be seen on our pages.

A lot of stuff is planned, some things will happen, some things not, but we will do our best to keep everything alive and healthy, stretching the vision and the ideas of bleepgeeks into new fields and areas. Keep your eyes wide open for 2011!

First things last: We wish you all the best and a happy new year!
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Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

D.A. Williams - Make you happy

Yep, today we did our last diggin' tour for this year and we are pretty satisfied about our excavations. The pick of the day is a (yet) relatively unknown UK-Boogie tune by D.A. Williams which i already had on the radar but never the chance to get it...
With the nice melodies and uptempo rhythm, discoid strings (which sound quite unusual for 1984) it makes a good balancing act between decades and modern styles, filled with tight lyrics. And, the cover-layout makes it definitely an eye-catcher! Mr. Williams, you make me happy!

D.A. Williams - Make you happy
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Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

Superpitcher @ Beats In Space Radio

I had a great pleasure playing a night with Superpitcher at Cabaret eden last summer. He is a really nice contemporary and after our gig i found myself being a little Superpitcher fan. Really! I stumbled across the Beats In Space website last evening and saw that Tim Sweeney had Aksel Schauffler(Superpitchers real name) as a guest in his radio show a few weeks back, exactly after 5 years again. I listened to the entire show and it really makes fun to do so. Tim is very easy going and Superpitcher is playing some nice tunes...Highly recommended!

Beats In Space radio show with Superpitcher
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African Voodoo

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Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

Oktagon - Reflection (ruhig wird's)

It's Christmas and time to ease down. Let's help us with Oktagon's "Reflection (ruhig wird's)", a complex jazzfunk tune connected to spacey moments, combined with sad bavarian lyrics. I can't help it, but when the guy starts to sing i confound it with Swabian, also because of the text (shown on the back cover). Or maybe it's because i am a Swabian guy, i dunno. Whatever, in any case it's very special! Recorded and Mixed at Country Lane Studios München 1980. Produced for WERYTON München. Sorry for the worse recording, but i wasn't able to declick this. Sure, this has to sound crystal clear. Anyway, it's getting calm... calm... calm....

Oktagon - Reflection (ruhig wird's)
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Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Body Games - Stop Love (Wrong Speed) (Instrumental) (1983)

Playing this with wrong speed makes more fun to me!

Body Games - Stop Love (Wrong Speed) (Instrumental)
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Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Impressions of our n*ght with TRAXX (Nation Records / Chicago) 18.12.2010

Thanks TRAXX and everybody we shared this great n*ght with!
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Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Sa. 25.12.2010: bleepgeeks Chr*stmas Romance @ Cabaret eden

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Steve Poindexter - State Of Shock (1991)

Still so euphoric because of our bleepgeeks night with Traxx from Chicago! My continuing mood made me grab this classic Steve Poindexter record out again. It's one of his more-indemand pieces of vinyl and remains very solid from the beginning of the a-side to the end of the b-side, means that i could choose every single track, but i chose "State Of Shock" as it was the best suiting tune for the moment.
Surprisingly clear mastered and recorded better than we are used from the Chicago House purveyor of the highest order. "State Of Shock" is my tune for today! Well, i delivered the dust, cracks, skips and pops with my recording to make things clearly unclear. Let's Get Busy!

Steve Poindexter - State Of Shock
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Hunchmusic Radio with Traxx @

Hunch music radio with Traxx tonite from 10.00 pm till 01.00 am. Don't miss! Radio stream available here!
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Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

A.I.M. - So Evil (Closer To The Edge) (Instrumental) (1985)

A musclebound workout by Tony Carrasco, who always had the right sense of humour and a great intuition for stirring pop moments in nearly all of his productions. Once more he pushed the right buttons, giving away some pop moments here and heavy pushing beats there, which got utilized in this proper tune. A hit, right!?

A.I.M. - So Evil (Closer To The Edge) (Instrumental)
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R.I.P. Blake Edwards

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Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Sa. 18.12.2010: bleepgeeks @ eden feat. Traxx (Nation/Chicago) & #npnk (We like/Dresden)

Yes! We're so pumped about this! Melvin Oliphant III a.k.a. Traxx is one of those rare and true killer guys from Chicago, who really embrace the musical richness of the windy city, where house music was born. From late seventies till now, Traxx fuses and especially embodies all the relevant music in his very own and distinctive style. So happy to have him for the first time in Ulm!
On top of it we have a reunion with our friend Timo from Dresden, who runs the "We like..." booking agency with lots of success and tons of passion! This is a special one and makes us very happy!

Traxx Myspace

We Like Booking website
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Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Walter Martino - Turn it on (Dub)

My dear friend Serdar passed me this record because he didn't like the saxy parts on this track. But there's more to dislike! Here we have something like a Herbie Hancock-Rockit meets Killer-Italo-Boogie-mélange with non-comparable arrangement and instrumentation. What did Walter intend? I dunno, but in my opinion he's somewhat ahead of it's time. One day we will understand.

Walter Martino - Turn it on
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Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

Laurel Halo - Embassy

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Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Three Records to go for!!! # 12

Our heading "Three Records to go for!!!" is meant to highlight you some records, mostly newer ones, that turned out into the bleepgeeks music radar through utterly coincidences, well researched record hunts or any other fortunate circumstances. The stuff we introduce can be dance music, comedy, non-dance music, originals, reissues, bootlegs or limited pieces, we don't separate!
In some cases we just liked the Cover of that Record, sometimes we made a mispurchase and sometimes our mandibles came off because of the music which was carved into the rills!
We won't do any reviews, puffing these records up to holy grails or slam them into wax garbage!
It's just made for you to (hopefully) discover new music and new sleeves! We wish you a lot of fun while finding these records at your local record shop on the streets or in your world wide virtual reality through clicking on to your favourite record stop!

Vinyl, we love you lock, stock and barrell!

Morphosis - What Have We Learned - Remixes Part 1

Miki - Fantomas Break

Tazz - The World Of Techno EP
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Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Barry de Vorzon - Theme from "The Warriors"

A gang called The Warriors are framed for killing a gang leader trying to unite all the gangs in the area. With other gangs gunning for them they must get back to the home turf of Coney Island... Alive.

Dear Barry, you are supercool!

Great theme from the movie "The Warriors", made in 1979.

Barry de Vorzon - Theme from "The Warriors"
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Pierrot's Gang - Mexico (1984)


Pierrot's Gang - Mexico
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Moi Rene - Miss Honey

This really entertaining video shows Moi Rene. She was most probably the initiator of a short-lived house music sub-genre, which is commonly accepted as "Bitch Tracks", if my understanding is right.
The "Miss Honey" release came out in the early nineties and was followed by a few other like-minded tracks, especially in the New York area. Juicy and sexually loaded vocals(yelled by highly made-up sissies), laid over pumping beats and slamming basslines were the typical distinctive features that made dancefloors go crazy and mental.
Well, Bitch Tracks had a really short lifespan(please think of those jealous male and macho producers, who have beaten Bitch House to death, hahah) and there are just a few notable tunes out there, but some of them are really worth to pick and to be played out. Miss Honey is my personal classic Bitch Track. FUCK YEAH!
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Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Nuala - Die Welt ist Klarstatt

Super-dope bassline from this germany based ndw-punky-combo.

Nuala - Die Welt ist Klarstatt

Thomas Kisser (dr,voc)
Bernd-Dietrich Rosenwinkel (g,perc)
Andreas Unruh (key,perc,voc)
Arthur Koll (b,perc)
Sünje Kesseler (voc,perc)

Kisser, Rosenwinkel, Unruh and Koll experimentalised around 1979 with Jazzrock and formed to "Nuala" when Sünje Kessler joined in 1981. With naughty lyrics and great stage-performance they had about 100 concerts but no break-thru.

The band had their roots and following mainly in the north of Germany. Their second album "Energie", released in 1983, was again without success and Kessler left the band.

The third LP "Volvano" became more jazzy and with english lyrics by the new singer Bettsie Schischke, invigorated with a germanytour. 1985 was the end of the band due to the fact that german music was "out".

Here we have a cool livevideo made in the Logo-Club, Hamburg. The track has faster rhythm than on the record and the audience is somehow draggy... but make your own image.

Thanks to Dietmar Müller.
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Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Bleepgeeks Flyers: social photohunting, font selections and layout reduction

It`s not allways easy with flyers ... but that`s the fun of it. After we went through a huge collection of our dear friends marc hörger (who`s actually moving back to ulm after years of exil in hamburg: yeaaahh) and florian wild, we went a little bit dry to find the perfect photo match for each months booking at our resident club cabaret eden ( so we started digging for pictures as we were used music-wise. struggling at first connecting up with the photographers of our pictures of desire and working out reasonable fees we had some really great creative contributions this year ... the photo of the current flyer comes from russia (st. petersburg) and was taken by Smirnov Konstantin ( the picture itself is totally amazing. so i post both: flyer and photo side by side. instead of messing heavily with silly patterns, textures or brushes, i mostly try to find a nice typo for the picture and let the tension between the photo`s structure and the content resolve into a reduced layout: bleepgeeks flyer feng shui :-)

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Sa. 04.12.2010: bleepgeeks radio show on radio free fm

We're pumping out 2 hours of the bleepgeeks radio show tonight, starting at 10.00 pm on the ever favourite free fm. Listen on 102.6 MHz or stream it here! Seems like a night predestinated for some serious italo! Well, tune in and feel the heat!
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Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

Happy Birthday Godard!

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Herbie Hancock jams with his Fairlight CMI

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Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

Fresh Air - Rolling Stoned (1983)

Rolling Stoned is a smoked out joint by Fresh Air, taken from their great Jazz-Funk album "International Men", which came out some time in 1983 on Stuttgart based Label Inside Records. Recorded and mixed by Zeke Lund at Munich Sound Studio. Mastered by Henry Riedel, who deserves to be cherished, because he made it possible to get 24 minutes on one side. Sleeve and Record are made in West-Germany.

Fresh Air - Rolling Stoned
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Fr. 10.12.2010 @ Roxy, Ulm - Weeland & the Urban Soul Collective

weeland & the urban soul collective ist die Formation um den Gitarristen, Songwriter und Produzenten Patrick Wieland. Schon das Debut Album das 2006 erschien, wurde in feinster Neo-Soul Manier mit deutschen Texten produziert und nicht ohne Grund landete der Albumtitel „nachhaus zurück“ auf einer Neo Soul Compilation in guter Gesellschaft mit Erykah Badu, Amp Fiddler oder D’angelo. „weeland“ featuring Ralf Damrath einer der wenigen deutschen Vertreter dieses Genres wurden hier als Geheimtipp erwähnt. Das Konzept wurde nun erweitert und „weeland“ arbeitete diesmal mit mehreren Sängern für das kommende Album zusammen. Man entschied sich für die englische Sprache, da nicht alle Beteiligten aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum stammen. Konsequent bleibt „weeland“ bei seinem Sound bei der sich die Stimmen von Brandy Butler ( Philadelphia) Raphael Jacob oder Mika Doo (London) wie selbstverständlich einfügen. Auch die Stimme von Esther Cowens ( Berlin ) die ansonsten die backing vocals für Jan Delay oder Mando Diao schmettert glänzt hier im sehr motownigen Track " 2 of a kind ". Wie schon beim Vorgänger gibt es auch wieder musikalische Gäste auf dem kommenden Tonträger. So liefert u.a Joo Kraus relaxte Flügelhorn soli und funkyStabs.
„weeland“ der in den letzten Jahren sowohl live als auch im Studio mit Künstlern wie zb. den Fantastischen Vier oder Max Herre (Freundeskreis) gearbeitet hat sieht sich hier als Bindeglied grossartiger Sänger und Musiker , eben einem „soul collective“ das gehört werden will. Das Album „ the golden sessions “ erscheint im Oktober diesen Jahres und wieder gibt es jede Menge 70’s vibes , nu soul, motown und hip hop Anleihen die zum Kopfnicken und Becken bewegen einladen.

Die Live Band :
Patrick Wieland : Gitarre
Raphael Jacob : Gesang, Gitarre ( Seven )
Brandy Butler : Gesang ( Phenomden )
Martin Stumpf : Bass ( Max Mutzke )
Hendrik Smock : Schlagzeug ( Roachford )

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Movie from Harmony Korine with great visual effects and a really ingenious and ironic story, if you make the cinema right in your head. VHS rules!
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Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

Melodious Myles / Excel - Be There (1988)

Another add to our bleepgeeks blog, which comes from Chicago 1988, most likely from the citie's south side. This time more on the soulful side of things(think of the stone cold jacker "WROCK MY BODY") but nearly on the same lo-fi level, Be There generates an almost romantic feeling with the production, especially with the lead melody and with those gentle female vocals. Heart-warming!

Melodious Myles / Excel - Be There
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Dienstag, 30. November 2010

The Bambers - Baby Funk

Off the radar german electro-funk with nice vocoder. Played out by Manfred in 1994, i guess. Originally released on Ohrwurm Records in 1983, produced by Johannes Hofmann.

The Bambers - Baby Funk (Special Version)
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Montag, 29. November 2010


Pure jacking House madness by a mysterious man called King Tut from Chicago. He's treating his machines hard and let's them work as lo-fi as they can. The outcome is a track in the true sense of the word. Exactly what we need. No more no less. This nuthin' but really rocks my body! Tried, tested and certified!

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Samstag, 27. November 2010

Bye bye... Humpty Stuttgart - R.I.P.

The decease of record shops is a recurring topic all around the world, especially nowadays. The reasons can be different. Let's switch to Humpty Records in Stuttgart. It has been a constant source of good vinylic techno and house music for 15 years there, and now closes on 30.11.2010. I was a customer for quite a decade and was always impressed about the huge choice. For sure i did some mispurchases, but this for a special reason: the headphones sounded better there! [Some people will hopefully agree to that opinion :) ] Well, that's the game....
Nevertheless... it's a part of my personal era... you know what i mean.... It's about these things to dig with hands, to listen while touching the wax, to talk to people and absorb the atmosphere. And that's what internetpurchase will never replace...

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Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

The New Sound of Soul - The Soul (1992)

1992! Deeper than deep deep house from New York! The Soul is an effort by two lesser knwon and relatively unsung heroes of the New York House Music scene of the early nineties, namely Joe Turri and Raymond Castoldi. Especially Raymond Castoldi had a really creative period on his own X-Ray Records imprint back in the days, but remained sort of obscure. Joe Turri on production duties here and Raymond Castoldi on Keys, making an aquatic ride into the worlds of bass, bleeps and deep harmonies. Tune! Putting this directly back in my record bag!

The New Sound of Soul - The Soul
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Pocket Gadget - Korg Monotron

Respectable analog-"toy"-synthesizer from Korg for around 70 Euros to get. Needless to say that it doesn't have midi for that price. And, you only can feed it with batteries.

Watch a cool video:

If you're tricky enough, you can't built up your own interface to control it with other devices...

Get an instruction how to modify your toy:
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Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Ait Meslayene - El Fen

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Bryan Dalmini - Can you tell me

No, i don't have this record... but i'd like to find it immediately for cheap, haha!

Bryan Dalmini - Can you tell me
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Shock Taktix - Morocko (1987)

One of those records, which give you the chance to use them in regular and wrong speed. Depends on my mood how i use it. Today in its full regular speed glory for you to explore it and to imagine how it could sound on 33rpm. Well, in normal speed, Morocko acts as a fast-paced beast, giving just a little room to catch a breath. By the way, not much info available about the record, besides that it is most likely produced in the UK and gains some serious respect amongst cosmic collectors. Huh, did anyone say cosmic?

Shock Taktix - Morocko
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Samstag, 20. November 2010

20.11.2010: bleepgeeks radio show on radio free fm

Cooooool bleepgeeks night yesterday and today we're going to pump the bleepgeeks radio show on radio free fm to appetzize your late nite activities. From 10 pm till midnight. We heat you up, they melt you down! Receivable through 102.6 MHz in Ulm and available everywhere on the free fm website here!
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Freitag, 19. November 2010

Movie: Half Nelson

This is just one of the most breathtaking flicks i've seen lately! Based around the two central characters, which are played by Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps in a stunning way, Half Nelson portrays a Teacher-Student relationship in the suburbs of New York. The committed but drug addicted teacher gets caught while taking drugs by his likeable and intelligent student Drey and things begin to start. Beautifully photographed and played unobtrusively, Half Nelson is mega-worth to be watched! Alone or with all your friends!

More info here!
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Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love (Vocal) (1984)

Typical Italo-disco, which couldn't be more typical! Hard hitting and pumped with highest energy, which makes us lucky and happy! Bought sometime somewhere in Germany. ZYX-Press, what else!

Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love (Vocal)
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Bleepgeeks with Hunee @ Soju Bar Berlin

Berlin Madness! We had such a great night on Friday last week with beautiful vibes at Kreuzbergs Killer Spot Soju! That bar/club/karaoke thing Soju is around the famous Skalitzer Strasse in Kreuzberg and can be outlined as a dessert place for the Kimchi Princess restaurant. Both places are next to each other and our new friend and music enthusiast Hyun Wanner is the manager of both places. He's doing his job very good! Those korean billboards are true eyecatchers and complement this cosy and graceful place perfectly with its good soundsystem and fantastic drinks!

And Yes, we played over 9 hours of our favourite music, together with our terrific all-time homie Hunee! What a blast! It's always very inspirational to see Hunee playing records, as he is so avid with music and super energetic! There is nuthin' but 100% passion in it! We're highly thankful for everything, Hunee, Soju and Hyun, all the dancers and our dear Ulmer who showed up and made a great night even greater!

We'll be back soon, for sure!

Soju/Kimchi website here! for further information.
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Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Lovebug presents 'up north!' [Scandinavian / Finnish / Swedish Disco]

Yes i did it! After 3 years of abstinence i created finally a new M.I.X.! Incredible how this could have happened! It's not a big one, just 10 songs, but i think on the whole worth to listen at. I've focused on Scandinavian disco and boogie from mostly Finnland and Sweden.

up north, my friends!


Gemini - Take a chance
Bianca Morales and F.F. - Start Tonight
Sad Motion - Jag Har Fatt Nog
De'Funkar - Vi Ger Var Sang
Extra - Funky Frank
Plaza - How do you do it
Mantraction - Lycka till!
K.O.D.A. - Watching
Otitis - We gonna make it now
Sad Motion - Windsurfing

Lovebug presents 'up north!' [] by bleepgeeks

Lovebug presents 'up north!'
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Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Fr. 19.11.2010 : bleepgeeks @ Eden, Ulm

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Mac Machine - Sensitive

Here we go with the lesser known b-side track on Mac Machines monster-12" Tears. From 1985. Produced by Toncooperative Kassel. Arranged by Jürgen Guckuck and Mac Machine. Mastering: Ebel Tonstudiotechnik, Kassel.

Mac Machine - Sensitive
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