Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Sa. 20.07.2013: bleepgeeks with LENA WILLIKENS (Cómeme/Cologne) @ Cabaret Eden

Lena Willikens ist Resident DJ und Teil des Booker Teams im Salon des Amateurs (Düsseldorf) und veranstaltet gelegentliche Clubabende in Köln (»a claptick cabine« u.a.). Sie ist dem Umfeld des Labels Cómeme zuzurechnen, auf dessen Parties sie unter anderem auch schon in Santiago de Chile die junge Crowd begeistern konnte. Treibend, perkussiv, impulsiv, schwebend .. . Lenas DJ-sets offenbaren ihre spezielle Neigung zur rauen elektronischen Musik, der dunklen Seite von Disco und unkonventiellen Rythmen. Von Chicago nach Angola - funky und rough.

It took Lena Willikens almost no time to seduce the spoiled and demanding clubbers of Cologne. An impressive feat, considering that she arrived in a train coming from Düsseldorf, Cologne's most competitive, rival city. Now residing in Cologne, hanging out and also playing at parties there (alongside Christian S and Korkut Elbay). She remains a resident in Dusseldorf's, Salon des Amateurs, inviting guests such as Matías Aguayo, Jamal Moss, Alejandro Paz and more. Her DJ style is dirty, rough, dark and bizarre - full of love for the spirit of good dance music and the will to surprise; driven also by the will to make people dance to tunes they have never heard before.
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Future - We're Going To Party

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Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Lovebug presents 'Modern Times'


Modern Times in July. Try this boogie-laden mix while kissing the sun or lovin' the night.

01. Moon B - Moon Side 
02. Payge - Don't Say No
03. Frederick Wells - A Crush On You
04. Spectron 7 - Trapped In The Pocket
05. First Horizon - Just Wanna Have Some Fun Tonight
06. Wylie - Fan-tasy
07. Style - You Turn Me On
08. Patricia La Marr - I'm In Love With You
09. Hot Ice - I've Got To Know
10. Lazztistics - Hangin' Tuff
11. JCB Band - Being In Love
12. J.P.M. - Strung Out On Your Love

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