Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Sal Paradise - Love and Devotion (Das Wunder)

Somehow an insider tip among those new-wavy-dudes out there... Sal Paradise. Here with a fine and obscure soundtrack for the movie "Das Wunder" from 1985... and for sure, this record is Ariola-ised! Please turn up the volume and let the fast rhythm take you away...

Sal Paradise - Love and Devotion

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Spooge Boy - Reggae Dance (Blub) (Club) (1984)

Bobby Orlando everywhere! At least in the eighties. The uncrowned king of High Energy dance music and prodigy of inventing a million pseudonyms is curbing the bpm's for his Spooge Boy Project. Reggae Dance is a fierce tune with those slightly vocodized "Reggae Dance" vocals, piercing marrow and bone, backed by an infectious bassline with enough air to breathe. The Belgians seemed to like this. Originally released on Bobby O's own imprint Memo Records, Reggae Dance got a proper release on Belgian label BMC in the same year. Bobby got us. Let's do the Reggae Dance!

Spooge Boy - Reggae Dance (Blub) (Club)
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R.I.P. Casco

Sad day for us Italo-Disco lovers! R.I.P. Salvatore Cusato a.k.a. Casco...
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Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

The Lovemixx Crew - I Just Wanna Luv Ya (1994)

El Barrio 110th street rules! The Lovemixx Crew in fullest effect! This rare and sought after piece of vinyl provides pure New York Garage intensity. Always hard to get, well known in those deep and closed circles. Lovemixx Crew, I Just Luv Ya!

The Lovemixx Crew - I Just Wanna Luv Ya
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Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

"Stars of Tomorrow" Show on WJBK-TV, Detroit

Yeauuw, what a great TV-Talent show from Detroit in 1983... Some became well-known in the scene, some not ... like Hathem Sarafa. Damned, he still deserves to be famous....

It's nice to see the electro-boogie on the floor with Kerry Campell.... Vocodizing with Rapture...!

.... simply check out more clips in the net and learn how to dance!

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Costas Charitodiplomenos - Lost In The Night

An interesting song from that greektalo guy. Don't get fooled with the solid 80's poppish start... this one turns into a wonderful mood when starting with the chorus.... Lost in the night...

Costas Charitodiplomenos - Lost In The Night
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Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

La Perversita - I Love You S... (1979)

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Steve Thomson - I can't believe (Instrumental)

Softrockin' Italo-Instrumental. Somehow horrible, somehow unique. Sounds like Iron Maiden's going nuts.
Written by Axel Breitung. Produced in Switzerland.

Steve Thomson - I can't believe
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Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Lexx in the mix for Test Pressing

The Zürich based dj and producer Lexx is a man who plays in a league of his own and his mixes never disappoint! The newest masterstroke from Drumpoet Recordings' nicest gentleman is for Test Pressing and simply marks one of the best mixes i came across lately. I imagine chilling on a bright rooftop in Acapulco, making myself comfortable on a huge hammock, enjoying the sunset and sharing my good moods with my closest friends and this mix exactly, would be the best soundtrack for all this and many more! Very very very big favourite already!

Lexx - Pressure
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Traxx Interview for

The ever great Promo Mixes website is shining again with another great offering for the historical archives of dance music. Our favourite Chicagoan Traxx is speaking out the truth, once more, in a long and deep interview. We keep following!!!

Traxx Interview for promomixes
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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

Three Records to go for!!! # 13

Our heading "Three Records to go for!!!" is meant to highlight you some records, mostly newer ones, that turned out into the bleepgeeks music radar through utterly coincidences, well researched record hunts or any other fortunate circumstances. The stuff we introduce can be dance music, comedy, non-dance music, originals, reissues, bootlegs or limited pieces, we don't separate!
In some cases we just liked the Cover of that Record, sometimes we made a mispurchase and sometimes our mandibles came off because of the music which was carved into the rills!
We won't do any reviews, puffing these records up to holy grails or slam them into wax garbage!
It's just made for you to (hopefully) discover new music and new sleeves! We wish you a lot of fun while finding these records at your local record shop on the streets or in your world wide virtual reality through clicking on to your favourite record stop!
Vinyl, we love you lock, stock and barrell!

Various - Sørfinnset Skole / The Nord Land

Das Ding - H.S.T.A.

Beta Evers - Transient
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Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Thomas Hammann @ bleepgeeks (15.01.2011)

A big hug and big acknowledgement goes out to our man Thomas Hammann! What a nice weekend it was and what a good man he is, in all aspects! Thank you Thomas!
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Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

John Lynch Band - Move to the beat

Time for another Bellaphonication! John Lynch Band's "Move to the beat" is one of these overlooked tunes you immediately think about that it could be cut down and pasted, reedited and remixed, sampled and rewinded, reissued and repressed or baldelli mystified. But the more you listen to: it's just a perfect song in it's original and needs no modification... for everybody... and for you.

John Lynch Band - Move to the beat
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London is burning

Photos by Berlin and London based Artist Ali Kepenek.
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Angie B. - Plastic doll

You can find your favourite Disco Song everywhere in the World! We're talking about Mexico in this case. A pretty weird one also, as a girl sings about being a plastic doll. Funny as hell!
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Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

bleepgeeks radio show on freefm feat. Traxx, #npnk and Julian Garreis

Just a little flashback into 2010. For all of you, who missed the bleepgeeks radio show with Traxx from Chicago, here it is. In its full glory on video! Join the ride!

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Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Sa. 15.01.2011: bleepgeeks feat. Thomas Hammann (Liquid/Robert Johnson) @ Cabaret eden

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Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

01.01.2011: bleepgeeks radio show @ radio free fm

We see the New Year in with our radio show on radio free fm tonite, heavily loaded with all the music we love! The fun and sun is available via 102.6 MHz or directly with streaming on the free fm website here! 2011, the first strike!
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