Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Ruins - Fire! (1984)

The officially reissued Album of Italian Synth Band Ruins is available via Minimal Wave. Vinyl and Digital.
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Robert De Niro's Taxi Cab License

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Mastering - a step by step guide to good sound by Robert Henke a.k.a. Monolake

A great exposition by Robert Henke on the ever ubiquitous Loudness debate within 45 funny seconds!

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Montag, 30. Januar 2012

4 To The Bar Featuring Alexis P. Suter – Slam Me Baby! (1989)

Advanced House Music, no more, no less! The powerful vocal performance of Alexis P. Suter keeps fascinating me again and again. A plain favourite! The picture below is from Alexis, performing at the Shelter!

Alexis P. Suter

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Stevie Nicks - Smiling At You (Young Edits Going Home Version)

Kojak Giant Sounds is an edit label from Finnland and looks strongly connected to Traveller Records from Turku. Their releases seem a bit off the radar as not many German retailers carry their releases. Having already issued nearly a dozen records, their treatment of Stevie Nicks' 'Smiling At You' is one of my favourites from last year. Pure balearic bliss and always ready to bring some summerish feelings on the table!

Kojak Giant Sounds
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Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Lexx in the mix for Noncollective

Our man Lexx is coming with a new mix for Noncollective. He calls it 'Home Again' and follows the essential route of love. This is purest listening pleasure all the way! But this is not the only news about Lexx. He also has a new virtual home on tumblr. Lots of good things going on there. Check!

Lexx - Home Again Mix

Lexx tumblr
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Robert Moog

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Šizike - Don't Stop (1984)

Sheer greatness from Ex-Yugoslavia!
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Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Three Records To Go For!!! #16

Our heading "Three Records to go for!!!" is meant to highlight you some records, mostly newer ones, that turned out into the bleepgeeks music radar through utterly coincidences, well researched record hunts or any other fortunate circumstances. The stuff we introduce can be dance music, comedy, non-dance music, originals, reissues, bootlegs or limited pieces, we don't separate!
In some cases we just liked the Cover of that Record, sometimes we made a mispurchase and sometimes our mandibles came off because of the music which was carved into the rills!
We won't do any reviews, puffing these records up to holy grails or slam them into wax garbage!
It's just made for you to (hopefully) discover new music and new sleeves! We wish you a lot of fun while finding these records at your local record shop on the streets or in your world wide virtual reality through clicking on to your favourite record stop!

Vinyl, we love you lock, stock and barrell!

Mutant Beat Dance – AnotherWorld

DJ Sotofett – Pulehouse

The Shortwave Mystery - Down And Out In A Town Of Yardsales
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Mutual Dreaming's New Dance City Special on E.S.P. TV

Great TV recording from E.S.P. TV of Mutual Dreaming's Halloween Party called New Dance City in New York. Music from Vidrio, Steve Summers, Meridian 7, Ron Morelli and Traxx. Live Video mix to VHS by Louis V.E.S.P.(Scott Kiernan and Ethan Miller). Fantastic visualisation and a psyched out Halloween ride!
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Abidjan City Breakers - A.C.B. Rap

Recorded in London, Remixed and Vocals on A.C.B. Rap at JBZ Studio (Abidjan)

Members of A.C.B.
- Frank Freeze
- Guillaume Shalamar
- Oliver Cool
- Patrice Jackson
- Michel Michael
- Thierry Breeze
- Yves Junior

Pressed in France but released and distributed in Ivory Coast

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Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

ERB - The Weekend (1992)

The Weekend House Anthem! Produced(in one of their brightest moments...) by Ron Trent and Braxton Holmes with their short-lived ERB Project, this track truly deserves the term classic. Hard to get these days and definitely a rarer record of the legendary Clubhouse imprint. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, THE WEEKEND!

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Headphone Highlights with Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler leading us through a wonderful hour of House Music and great stories on this insightful Podcast for RBMA radio. KERRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FOREVER!

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Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Africa - A.I.E. (A Mwana)

Sympathic italo-remake of this uber-classic from Black Blood. Ohhhh Banana, i come!

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Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Felix Lebarty - Mummy and Daddy (1983)

A funky and sunny love song for all mommies and fathers by African Pop Star Felix Lebarty. Released on Tabansi Sublabel Taretone. Plus the great Jake Sollo on Bass and Electric Guitar!

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Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Roy Gee & The Energee - Holt Tight (Instrumental)

Som' saxy and horny style with a slippy guitar, and, this time without the vocals....

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Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Beautiful Ballet - Work-Out

Man, it's wintertime and i really need to do som' workout for my body and ... errr... ears...

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Şenay - Kent Yasami

Classy Turkish disco version of this 'everyone knows' song!
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Parris Mitchell - All Night Long (Dance Mania)

This is one of my favourite 'Explicit Lyrics House' records of all times. Almost logically released on the great Chicago based Label Dance Mania, All Night Long is a prime example of Dance Manias activities in the mid-nineties. Raw as fuck, underproduced, badly pressed, somewhat mindless, funky as hell, incredibly short and pumped up with explicit lyrics. Dance Mania was a cult imprint(it still is amongst the heads) with a world-wide following(especially in Europe) back in the days, and i wouldn't be surprised if those cuts get unearthed again to a wider audience. Parris Mitchell delivered some pure Ghetto House bliss!
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Finn Johannsen Electro Mix for mnml SSGS

Finn Johannsen is among the most dedicated record collectors we know. Period. He's an archivist of vinyl, a great dj and receiving a new mix from Mr. Macro is always good news. He made an interesting Electro mix for mnml SSGS, and reading the info confirms, that it's his first 100% Electro mix ever. Listening to this is pure pleasure!

Finn Johannsen Electro Mix
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Conny Dreher - Atelier Conradi

Our Berliner friend Conny from lookylooky has her own space on the internet now. She's really gifted and her works are always fun to watch and peerless. We wish her good luck and we hope to see many more art and graphic designs in the near future!

Atelier Conradi
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Sa. 21.01.2012: bleepgeeks @ Cabaret eden

We had a nice journey into 2012(kitchen stories! for those who know...) and the first bleepgeeks installment for this year is knocking on doors! We didn't rest on our laurels. Records are polished, research and digging trips are constantly on a good flow. We have a lot of new and thrilling stuff in our music store and we're armed for this night and excited to enjoy another great year for bleepgeeks. Start? On Saturday night.

You're welcome!
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Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Gizeh Records: Free Winter 2011/2012 Sampler

Nice giveaway from this british label. Gizeh Records says:"We have made this release available as a free digital download - however, you do have the choice to make a donation when ordering. Please note all donations will be used to fund future Gizeh releases."
Click for more: Gizeh Records

Gizeh Records // Winter Sampler 2011/12 by Gizeh

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Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Deuce - Keeping Peace

Listen to the boys of DEUCE about keeping peace! Say no to Gangs and Bad Things!
From 1989 on GEE Records.

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PEACE 2012!

Hello lovely people, we're back again from nowhere into 2012, without New Year's resolutions but we have still loads of passion in absorbing everything which sounds like love, feels like love and produces love! Thanks for your current, past and possibly further visit on www.bleepgeeks.blogspot.com! You keep this site alive! PEACE!

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