Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009

Five Points - Equality

There are sometimes labels that look really tasty, and if i was a label-eater i would immediately digest this one! Hmmmm..... this Applegold's reeeeeeally goood. Some boogieclaps'n'beats, nice raps by a woman, finally the mellow chords and a kinky guitar. The D.J. Copy-Stamp makes it more aesthetic... You can find it on other great Rissa-Chrissa Productions like "Cubie Burke-Down for Double" or "South Bronx-The Bottom Line" which are also great tunes. Are you hungry, too?

Five Points - Equality
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in search of the perfect latop rucksack

being mobile with a lot of technical equipment (and food) puts a lot of weight on your shoulders and needs a proper carrying device. after 8 years of service my current laptop rucksack / bag (previous model from booq) is falling apart.

after about 18 hours of research and surfing the web the following models got in the closer range of my selection:

while i was kinda satisfied with my booq laptop i wanted to optimize the storage space and transport comfort...

the ortlieb pacman pro & velocity
i love ortlieb, vaude and bree as courier message bags and serious travel bags manufacturer. quality and comfort are really great. especially when you`re on a bike as well.
problem is, that the interior design is so stripped that its most likely you have just one big compartment, which makes its hard to organize lots of tiny gadgets and things. the packman seemed to be among all the models one of the best choices, cause it offers at least two small little places in the front of the bag where you can but your keys and portmonaie. if the look of the velocity model would have been combined with small bag extension like the packman pro i would have bought them. i also don`t like the look of the packman pro that much: it`s too sack(ish). the bree punch 3 bag has a nice design but its too couchy and doens`t seeem to protect the inside that good...

eastpak hudson
eastpak is everywhere. the have a huge range of models and colours and offer nearly every kind of size and shape. the prices are quite nice as well.
so i stumbled upon the hudson model. storage space seemed to be okay, but as i looked closer the depth of the bag is consumed mostly by the two medium front bags and the laptop compartment: that`s a no-no for me and the case should be a little stiffer in my opinion.

north face base camp fuse box
finally i saw a new model from the nort face which looked a little bit awkward but seems to be the perfect match between a courier styled bag and a protector and organizer for my laptop, photo camera, hard drives, vodka water bottle and additional clothes.
the size is just perfect. its larger as the previous mentioned models but distributes the space in a perfect fashion. looks minial and has an extra laptop compartment as well as small ones for quick access. the rest goes in a big compartment. i am really happy with it.

i guess i still will buy a bag like the packman pro or maybe the track model from ortlieb. they are just so great if you carry heavy stuff, maybe after a purchase at the groocery store or a daypack for a picnic on the beach/lake. but technical gadgets have its special requirements. their shapes are mostly rectangular, need protection and organization. that´s why i choose the north face base camp fuse box.

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Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

Wolf - Why do you do me

That's a quite ignored tune here. Nice constant melody, backed with piano, filling the dancefloor, thereafter a nice starter for the Dj and cheap to get! Strangely they've put a stereo and mono version on it, which seems not very necessary in 1982 due to a better equipment! Maybe for some oldschoolers, i dunno... CHECK IT OUT!

Wolf - Why do you do me
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the bleepgeeks crüw @ Decadance Summer Residance, Neu-Ulm

The bleepgeeks crüw is playin' out this weekend a nice eclectic set @ Decadance Summeresidance, Neu-Ulm. Simply join and relax. It is planned to hold this whole habit monthly.

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Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

Blog/Twitter software promo TODAY ONLY (for alle mac users)

as mentioned a while ago we`re into checking out new software to make our life of the never ending struggle with computers more bearable...
this time it is quite close to the work i have to do while writing this post. and guess what? i am using a local blog-editor at the moment. it`s just quicker, easier, nicer to write, edit and maintain. so if you haven`t allready looked into the blog-editor universe or found them kinda too expensive, here`s a chance to grab one of the best one`s for the mac os x operationg system at a reduced price: Blog (by brainjuice)

This promo ends in approx. 12 hours, so be quick or be lame again :-D i think the price today is a no brainer and i can definitely recommmend it!

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Die Kassette @ Lindenau, Leipzig

"Die Kassette" in Lindenau (Leipzig) is a store where you can exchange your old mixtape with those from another people. Whilst that you can drink coffee and beer or read the newspaper or simply hang around. It's great to have this old-school flavour back in our days of P2P, MySpace and for sure... Blogs... where you can get easily all sorts of music without moving from your seat. Here we have some private pictures which have been taken last weekend. Between the Mixtapes you can see paintings of an art exhibition by Bodo Hansen.



:::Backstock #2:::

:::Exchanging a cassette:::

:::Hanging around:::

:::"Cassette of the Month":::

Please visit for getting more information!!!!
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Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009

Love was just a word.

I cannot find too much about this record but i know that it sounds good and comes very likely from France. Done by Patrick Morin and Jean-Francois Merand. Pressed on babybleu vinyl and has a tigerlook-sleeve, it makes the collector happy. If you know more than me, please leave me a comment and i'll be happy!

M.M.K. Band - Love was just a word (Short Version)
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Zlad it!


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Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

You're so right for me!

This disco record is not like others. Very unusual arrangement and pervasive strings combined with black/white/latinish cheesecake-whatsoever-like vocals. Pressed on eyecatching marbled-vinyl, it makes it a collectable tune from 1977. For those who like applecake more, just listen to the Instrumental Version.

Eastside Connection - You're so right for me
Eastside Connection - You're so right for me (Instrumental)
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Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009

luxurious poo-poo...

It's time to make a change with your toilet and habits.
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International Love...

Heard 100 times and still nice. "Dance on the groove and do the funk" was released first in 1981 by LOVE INTERNATIONAL, afterwards in a different version by FUNK MACHINE in 1982. You can find the version from 1981 also on Mr. Mooners compilation called "Elaste".

But what's going on with the flip side? There's an almost forgotten gem on B1 called Airport of Love which is in the same mood like his big brother on A1. Refresh yourself!

Love International - Airport of Love
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Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2009

Sa. 16.05.2008 : bleepgeeks @ eden feat. the bleepgeeks dj's

Absolute bleepgeekism on Saturday!
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Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009


Who stood behind this project called LEO BAND? Bernard Mendelson & Jefferey Hunt? Yes, we can read it on the label. But i can't help it... everytime i listen to this record the vox reminds me to the King of Pöp Mr. Micheal Jacksön being on a heavy drug, and doing this phantom-project for canalising his other musical side in 1984. I might be barking up the wrong tree! But one thing i know for sure.... DON'T STOP!!!!

The Leo Band - Don't Stop
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Scan yourself!

This mysterious Cover- and Labelartwork let us forbode what could be on the wax... Is it the theme music from Lord of the Rings made on electronic devices? Dancemusic for naked people living in an ice castle? We stop imagine more strange things and give you answer. It's Krautrock with heavy laden guitar and arpeggio-attending synths made in 1981 by YOU! Part II is similar to Part I, but with less guitar in the foreground.

You - Scanner (Part I)
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Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

When i feel low...

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Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009

OP-1 portable synth and controller

And while i am on it: here`s another amazing gadget. actually its more like a musical instruments with incredible features and design: the OP-1 synthesizer and controller.

the company itself got a funny name "teenage engineering" and their website looks great! while still in beta (development) it made perfect sense for me to subscribe for their newsletter to get to know when this piece of fun and art is going to be available. hopefully they won`t jump over the 200$ hurdle as i am not that sportive at the moment to be able to follow. wait ... or should i better start training?
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lights for the BIG KIDS

while surfing the web i stumbled upon a new gadget i`d really like to have to gloom in my room. its actually very similar to the "real" kids version (whatever this means :-) called "lite brite" but just bigger and even more gloomy:
luminodot by

so the next time you are going to buy a piece of doubtful art, instead get the luminodot, make it yourself and let it shine!
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WE LOVE DMX! 30.04.09 @ Sucasa, Ulm

What a great party at Walpurgis Night in our lovely town. Rough beats combined with robotic synthworks back from the future! The tough 303-bubbling from DMX KREW made us singing like birds in the sky on a great spring day! THANKS ED!

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Montag, 4. Mai 2009


That's how we like it. Delightful baselines, great vocals, some kinky percussion and a good year of production... but what's this? A "balearic" accoustic guitar slaps in our face! Has it loosen it's way from Spain to Italy? A musical wedding between both countries? We dunno, but as musical adulterer we tried to divorce the happy couple by doing hard "de-balearisation"... but not in a lucky way! It's a severe marriage letting others turning pale! But make your own image...

Famous - Highway (Original)
Famous - Highway (Lovebug De-Balerised)
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