Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Gary Taylor - Compassion (1988)

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Lite Year Presents The Badd Girls - Bad Girls

Unusual  tune on the flip of this indemander you can headbang to. Not bad (girls) at all!

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Montag, 24. September 2012

Car Wash (1976)

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Winan Mignon - Poto Ya Sango

Sweet afro-chanté from Brussels with that special feeling for calming down. Simply enjoy...

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Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Lovebug pres. 'Hello Autumn' Pt.I

This is part of a multiple mixing series of mine. Contains stuff that is played on the radio or in the club. Used: +/-16 pitched 1210 mk-2 turntables (for more struggle) and a dusty mixer by Numark. So watch out for the next one coming!

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Freitag, 21. September 2012

Alphaville (1965)

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Cruising - Al Pacino Dance (1980)

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Spiegelsplitter - Spiegelsplitterspitz

Hyper-sick german uptempo wave noise which is close to absolute perversion. On Rocktopus.

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Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

E. M. Cioran - Von Tränen und von Heiligen

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À bout de souffle

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Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Liasions Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque "Live" (1981)


Supposed to be a live recording from a festival in Düsseldorf in 1982.
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Montag, 17. September 2012

Golem Oratorium #10 - Salon DS

Tobias Schmid, my good old friend from Hamburg sent me the link to this little but romantic journey through Techno Love Songs. If there ever was a genre called Techno Love Songs, this selection totally hits the bullseye! Compiled by Holtzova, Blessing & Tobias Schmid for the Salon DS Series of Hamburg based Club Golem. People say Golem is great. Check!


DNTL - Bright Night (Robags Mottüré Kloff)
Pachanga Boys - Fiesta Forever
Matthew Dear - Fleece On Brain
Sailor & I - Though Love (Aril Brikha Remix)
Chromatics - Lady
Tensnake - Holding Back My Love
Mau vs. Fleetwood Mac - Erown Byes
Superpitcher - Voodoo
System Of Survival - X-Pert (feat. Anna Gi)
WhoMadeWho - Never Had The Time
Tony Lionni - Found A Place
Michael Mayer - Good Times
Desire - Under Your Spell
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
Prefab Sprout - When Love Breaks Down
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden
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Iron Curtain - Love Can Never Die (1984)

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Jim Jarmusch

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[Free Download] M & M - BSWS (Lexx Edit)

Lexx: "I removed the guitar solo and the chorus of the original and done some adjustments here and there. Played this one a lot recently and thought i share it with you people." Great!
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King Sunny Ade And His African Beats ‎– Check E

Relax and take a pleasant journey with King Sunny through catchy vibes and hot country potatoes with a little bit of 70's Kuti. What an excellent mixture!

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Dienstag, 11. September 2012

Valley Curtain by Christo & Jeanne-Claude

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A & J present Joint Stereo

The utterly mysterious and sexually loaded super tag team A & J is coming up with its latest ejaculation. It's a massive House squirt, tasting deliciously sweet and spicy without getting sticky. Joint Stereo is purest Kamasutra for horny dancefloors!

A & J present Joint Stereo


1. matthias reiling - trouble in memphis (giegling)
2. john daly - 64 deep (IRR)
3. octa octa - i can feel you dub (100% silk)
4. trackman lafonte & bonquiqui - pacific house (L.I.E.S.)
5. sandrow m - the three trees (uncanny valley)
6. jayson brothers - drop back (MCDE)
7. chez damier - untitled* (KMS)
8. redshape - flexx (dekmantel)
9. theo parrish - black mist (running back)
10. omar s & ob ignitt - wayne county hill cops pt.2 (FXHE)
11. laid - punch up (syam music)
12. ron trent - look beyond (future vision records)
13. luv jam - turnipple (crow castle cuts)
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Stabil Elite - Wir Kommen Aus

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Montag, 10. September 2012

Sa. 15.09.2012: bleepgeeks @ Cabaret Eden

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Samstag, 8. September 2012

#Talk and Mix: A Digital Needle (Toronto/Canada)

A Digital Needle aka ADN are John and Dylan from Toronto. They are deeply into editing disco, soul and funk gems and already build up an amazing growing fanbase which is hungry for the next injection. You may guess it: these tracks are correspondingly in the net for those who know. Me as a music-junkie became addictive as well. It forced me to contact the ADN-dealers directly for getting (more and more and more and more...) information & stuff. Wow, i'm now happy about the dope mix they made EXCLUSIVE for our blog and doing som' interview! :)

Hello guys.... Simply, who are you? What's the meaning of "a Digital Needle" exactly about?

We're just two music lovers - mainly black dance music from the 1970's and '80's. Our name came about when John was joking around about "dropping a digital needle" on the next track, while we played out at a gig. We thought that sounded cool, and since we play vinyl rips and high-quality digital files, the name stuck. 

How and when did you meet each other and found your passion for editing? 

John & I met way back in a small town called Port Dover, and cemented our friendship one night when a travelling circus came to town. I went as the third wheel on John's date with a buxom girl - we were thirteen, so breasts were, and still are, fascinating - and we just sort of stuck together. Musically, we started playing soul and funk at a few spots in Toronto, which progressed into a love for disco. Edits are a relatively new thing, which we do for our deejaying - cuts, extensions  & loops for the benefit of the dance floor. Simple stuff.

How do you proceed doing an edit, making the crowd happy and addictive? What's the secret?

We play and edit tunes that touch us, spiritually and soulfully, and hope that our movin' and groovin' is enough to get the people to join in. We try to keep things fun and free, putting out the kind of vibes that we hope to get back - positivity breeds positivity, as John always says. He's the zen man, but I'm learning, haha.

Where do you play out your stuff and what technique do you usually use?

We play all around Toronto, but our favourite venue is called the Piston, thanks to a bumping sound system and a really cool group of owners and regulars. We use laptops and Traktor, but do our best to make sure we're playing high quality, good sounding music. I think that's really important.  

So, what's the difference from Toronto's nightlife to: 
the rest of the world. 
that from the past?

Toronto has an eclectic night life, from sprawling club to cramped bar, with a little bit, musically, for everyone. It's a cool scene, with a real knowledgable group of people behind it. We have a lot of respect for one night in particular night, called Footprints, which is worth checking out if you're lucky enough to be here when it's on - I'm pretty sure it's the last Saturday of the month, at the Rivoli.

I've not really been around enough to comment on much of the rest of the world…Chicago, Montreal & New York are all fun, but too close by to be culture shocking. We'd love to come play in Europe sometime, or travel back to the Paradise Garage, the Loft or the Gallery!

Are there other people directly connected with ADN?

We have help on our nights from a lovely lass called Cynthia, but other than that it's just John & I. We probably do owe the likes of Dimitri From Paris, Greg Wilson, David Mancuso and Larry Levan some thanks in helping shape us!

What plans for the future do you have? Will ADN become analogue? 

We do both own and respect vinyl, but neither of us has enough money to dive in the deep end with it. Maybe one day? No big plans…we' d just like to keep dee-jaying!
Imagine, ADN will be broken by whatever means. How would you react and furthermore, what would you do?

I hope that doesn't happen, as John & I are really close outside of music as well. I'd imagine we'd carry on separately, but keep your fingers crossed that such a scenario never happens!

Which record will you take with to Mars?

Hmm. I imagine this would probably be very different for John & I. Dylan would probably take a Chet Baker album and John something by De La Soul? Not sure…it's too hard to pick just one!

About the mix for the bleepgeeks-blog: What can i expect as a listener?

Some dance floor favourites!

Want more and more and more of your stuff! Where can i get it?

Thanks a lot for your answers! Let's go with the mix....!

1. Punkin' Machine - Need You Tonight (Kid Color Edit)
2. Junior Byron - Inch By Inch (ADN Edit)
3. Love Committee - Just As Long As I Got You (Dimitri From Paris Edit)
4. Orchestra Internationale & Sal Conte - Chella'lla (Copycat Edit)
5. Salsoul Orchestra - Ooh I Love It (Greg Wilson Edit)
6. Sweet Pea Atkinson - Fall For Me (The Reflex Dub Edit)
7. Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa (scratchandsniff re-rub)
8. Double Exposure - My Love Is Free (John Morales Remix)

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