Dienstag, 30. November 2010

The Bambers - Baby Funk

Off the radar german electro-funk with nice vocoder. Played out by Manfred in 1994, i guess. Originally released on Ohrwurm Records in 1983, produced by Johannes Hofmann.

The Bambers - Baby Funk (Special Version)
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Montag, 29. November 2010


Pure jacking House madness by a mysterious man called King Tut from Chicago. He's treating his machines hard and let's them work as lo-fi as they can. The outcome is a track in the true sense of the word. Exactly what we need. No more no less. This nuthin' but really rocks my body! Tried, tested and certified!

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Samstag, 27. November 2010

Bye bye... Humpty Stuttgart - R.I.P.

The decease of record shops is a recurring topic all around the world, especially nowadays. The reasons can be different. Let's switch to Humpty Records in Stuttgart. It has been a constant source of good vinylic techno and house music for 15 years there, and now closes on 30.11.2010. I was a customer for quite a decade and was always impressed about the huge choice. For sure i did some mispurchases, but this for a special reason: the headphones sounded better there! [Some people will hopefully agree to that opinion :) ] Well, that's the game....
Nevertheless... it's a part of my personal era... you know what i mean.... It's about these things to dig with hands, to listen while touching the wax, to talk to people and absorb the atmosphere. And that's what internetpurchase will never replace...

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Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

The New Sound of Soul - The Soul (1992)

1992! Deeper than deep deep house from New York! The Soul is an effort by two lesser knwon and relatively unsung heroes of the New York House Music scene of the early nineties, namely Joe Turri and Raymond Castoldi. Especially Raymond Castoldi had a really creative period on his own X-Ray Records imprint back in the days, but remained sort of obscure. Joe Turri on production duties here and Raymond Castoldi on Keys, making an aquatic ride into the worlds of bass, bleeps and deep harmonies. Tune! Putting this directly back in my record bag!

The New Sound of Soul - The Soul
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Pocket Gadget - Korg Monotron

Respectable analog-"toy"-synthesizer from Korg for around 70 Euros to get. Needless to say that it doesn't have midi for that price. And, you only can feed it with batteries.

Watch a cool video:

If you're tricky enough, you can't built up your own interface to control it with other devices...

Get an instruction how to modify your toy:
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Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Ait Meslayene - El Fen

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Bryan Dalmini - Can you tell me

No, i don't have this record... but i'd like to find it immediately for cheap, haha!

Bryan Dalmini - Can you tell me
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Shock Taktix - Morocko (1987)

One of those records, which give you the chance to use them in regular and wrong speed. Depends on my mood how i use it. Today in its full regular speed glory for you to explore it and to imagine how it could sound on 33rpm. Well, in normal speed, Morocko acts as a fast-paced beast, giving just a little room to catch a breath. By the way, not much info available about the record, besides that it is most likely produced in the UK and gains some serious respect amongst cosmic collectors. Huh, did anyone say cosmic?

Shock Taktix - Morocko
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Samstag, 20. November 2010

20.11.2010: bleepgeeks radio show on radio free fm

Cooooool bleepgeeks night yesterday and today we're going to pump the bleepgeeks radio show on radio free fm to appetzize your late nite activities. From 10 pm till midnight. We heat you up, they melt you down! Receivable through 102.6 MHz in Ulm and available everywhere on the free fm website here!
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Freitag, 19. November 2010

Movie: Half Nelson

This is just one of the most breathtaking flicks i've seen lately! Based around the two central characters, which are played by Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps in a stunning way, Half Nelson portrays a Teacher-Student relationship in the suburbs of New York. The committed but drug addicted teacher gets caught while taking drugs by his likeable and intelligent student Drey and things begin to start. Beautifully photographed and played unobtrusively, Half Nelson is mega-worth to be watched! Alone or with all your friends!

More info here!
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Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love (Vocal) (1984)

Typical Italo-disco, which couldn't be more typical! Hard hitting and pumped with highest energy, which makes us lucky and happy! Bought sometime somewhere in Germany. ZYX-Press, what else!

Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love (Vocal)
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Bleepgeeks with Hunee @ Soju Bar Berlin

Berlin Madness! We had such a great night on Friday last week with beautiful vibes at Kreuzbergs Killer Spot Soju! That bar/club/karaoke thing Soju is around the famous Skalitzer Strasse in Kreuzberg and can be outlined as a dessert place for the Kimchi Princess restaurant. Both places are next to each other and our new friend and music enthusiast Hyun Wanner is the manager of both places. He's doing his job very good! Those korean billboards are true eyecatchers and complement this cosy and graceful place perfectly with its good soundsystem and fantastic drinks!

And Yes, we played over 9 hours of our favourite music, together with our terrific all-time homie Hunee! What a blast! It's always very inspirational to see Hunee playing records, as he is so avid with music and super energetic! There is nuthin' but 100% passion in it! We're highly thankful for everything, Hunee, Soju and Hyun, all the dancers and our dear Ulmer who showed up and made a great night even greater!

We'll be back soon, for sure!

Soju/Kimchi website here! for further information.
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Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Lovebug presents 'up north!' [Scandinavian / Finnish / Swedish Disco]

Yes i did it! After 3 years of abstinence i created finally a new M.I.X.! Incredible how this could have happened! It's not a big one, just 10 songs, but i think on the whole worth to listen at. I've focused on Scandinavian disco and boogie from mostly Finnland and Sweden.

up north, my friends!


Gemini - Take a chance
Bianca Morales and F.F. - Start Tonight
Sad Motion - Jag Har Fatt Nog
De'Funkar - Vi Ger Var Sang
Extra - Funky Frank
Plaza - How do you do it
Mantraction - Lycka till!
K.O.D.A. - Watching
Otitis - We gonna make it now
Sad Motion - Windsurfing

Lovebug presents 'up north!' [www.bleepgeeks.blogspot.com] by bleepgeeks

Lovebug presents 'up north!'
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Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Fr. 19.11.2010 : bleepgeeks @ Eden, Ulm

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Mac Machine - Sensitive

Here we go with the lesser known b-side track on Mac Machines monster-12" Tears. From 1985. Produced by Toncooperative Kassel. Arranged by Jürgen Guckuck and Mac Machine. Mastering: Ebel Tonstudiotechnik, Kassel.

Mac Machine - Sensitive
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Dienstag, 9. November 2010

Fr. 12.11.2010: Hunchin All Night w/ Bleepgeeks and Hunee @ Soju Bar, Berlin

Let's go to the hottest spot... Hunchin All Night w/ Bleepgeeks and Hunee @ Soju Bar, Berlin.

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Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Gilla - Herrn-Besuche nicht erlaubt

Gilla's LP "Zieh mich aus" is extremely german-shoecream-disco with this naive feel-good factor which is usually focused on the mainstream-audience. Anyhow, some rockin' track is included...

read more about her person

Gilla - Herrn-Besuche nicht erlaubt
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Samstag, 6. November 2010

bleepgeeks radio show on freefm

We make hot things even hotter, deep things deeper and weird things even weirder. All tonight at our cherished radio show on radio free fm, from ten till midnight on 102.6 MHz or stream here! Tune in if you feel free and get your bleepgeeks vitamins.
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Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Elaine Stepter - Always, Be A Part Of You

Soul music for Y'all!

Elaine Stepter - Always, Be A Part Of You
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Three Records to go for!!! # 11

Our heading "Three Records to go for!!!" is meant to highlight you some records, mostly newer ones, that turned out into the bleepgeeks music radar through utterly coincidences, well researched record hunts or any other fortunate circumstances. The stuff we introduce can be dance music, comedy, non-dance music, originals, reissues, bootlegs or limited pieces, we don't separate!
In some cases we just liked the Cover of that Record, sometimes we made a mispurchase and sometimes our mandibles came off because of the music which was carved into the rills!
We won't do any reviews, puffing these records up to holy grails or slam them into wax garbage!
It's just made for you to (hopefully) discover new music and new sleeves! We wish you a lot of fun while finding these records at your local record shop on the streets or in your world wide virtual reality through clicking on to your favourite record stop!

Vinyl, we love you lock, stock and barrell!

Hunee - Bobos Alone In Paradise

Maxmillion Dunbar - Cool Water

Head High - It's A Love Thing (Piano Invasion)
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