Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Nuala - Die Welt ist Klarstatt

Super-dope bassline from this germany based ndw-punky-combo.

Nuala - Die Welt ist Klarstatt

Thomas Kisser (dr,voc)
Bernd-Dietrich Rosenwinkel (g,perc)
Andreas Unruh (key,perc,voc)
Arthur Koll (b,perc)
Sünje Kesseler (voc,perc)

Kisser, Rosenwinkel, Unruh and Koll experimentalised around 1979 with Jazzrock and formed to "Nuala" when Sünje Kessler joined in 1981. With naughty lyrics and great stage-performance they had about 100 concerts but no break-thru.

The band had their roots and following mainly in the north of Germany. Their second album "Energie", released in 1983, was again without success and Kessler left the band.

The third LP "Volvano" became more jazzy and with english lyrics by the new singer Bettsie Schischke, invigorated with a germanytour. 1985 was the end of the band due to the fact that german music was "out".

Here we have a cool livevideo made in the Logo-Club, Hamburg. The track has faster rhythm than on the record and the audience is somehow draggy... but make your own image.

Thanks to Dietmar Müller.
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