Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

For Vinyl Collectors & Diggers: Map of 25 Record Stores in Hamburg

Map of the best records stores in Hamburg (Germany) - For Djs, Vinyl Lovers and Collectors
For all Djs, Vinly Lovers and Collectors: If you got the chance to visit the beautiful seaport Hamburg in Germany you are in luck!

A guy named Pete Goge made an effort to pin all record stores of Hamburg onto a Map with detailed local information about each of them.
At the moment 25 Record Stores are listed, e.g.: Smallville Record Store, Otaku Records, Groove City, etc ....

The map was created with uebermaps, which is a service to remember and save favourite spots and places by collecting them in thematic maps. Afterwards you can easily share them with friends, family or the rest of the world. Besides they got options to edit content (local information) collaboratively ... and a iOS App is soon to be released.
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Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

Spirit feat. Deyon - Spirit


Saxy B-Side of this Modern Gospel 12".

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Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

Lovebug presents 'Close to him Pt. IV' [Gospel Modern Soul Boogie]

Time for another part of the 'Close to him' series. I feel good with that one and i hope you conaisseurs out there, too. We are starting with great synthplay and pressure done by The Southern Nightingales. Not only they've been picked up by Jesus. Also Spirit feat. Deyon is raised up in this mid-80s saxy monster that builds and builds.
Years ago i had a diggin' trip with my mate Serdar and i stumbled over Gene Toon & the Canaires, which is a great bluesy gospelish boogie tune. I never came across to that somewhere else. Nice artwork with a glued DIY Label. Give it a try. 1 Accord is a fat production slippin' into disco followed by the Sensational Four. Don't be fooled about the 1985 production as this is really early 80s sounding boogie-funkster. We open the throttle with Bro. Isaac Jenkins that speeds up to heaven with elevated drumming and arrangement to the end80s Minister Kirby Hair and Dedication on classical gospel-rhythms.
Julian from our bleep-crew gave me one day the Jerome and Roberson & Prayz LP as a gift, and now fits nice into the mix. Thanks for that! God is able! But, the devil is on topic on Rev. Rhymes fullfilled rap album afterwards. Heavy metal guitars and stonecold synths rule on Psalms 100 and is really obscure here. We're closing warm in the 90s with the Federation of Love that already dropped great stuff years before. Have fun!


01. The Southern Nightingales - Jesus Will Answer Your Prayer [GCS Records 1984]
02. Spirit feat. Deyon - He Picked Me Up [Kind Heart Records 1986]
03. Gene Toon & The Canaires - I've Had A Hard Time In This Land [Angel Tone Records 198X]
04. 1 Accord - What Did You Do With Christ [Throne Room 19XX]
05. Sensational Four - Jesus Is A Friend [Ken-D Records 1985]
06. Bro. Isaac Jenkins - Moment Away [Holy Spirit 1981]
07. Minister Kirby Haire And Dedication - Keep On Pressing [Gospel World Records 1989]
08.  Jerome Roberson & Prayz - God Is Able [Wilbe 1987]
09. Rev. Rhyme - The Devil, The Big Lie [Birthright 1987]
10. Psalms 100 Gospel Band - Put Your Trust In The Lord [Prayer Music Production 198x]
11. Federation of Love - Thank U (For Changing my life) [IHS 1990]

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Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

c-special-DJ - lovebug @ conditorei, stuttgart (24.10.2014)

Another 4 hours of musicstuff!
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Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

Roshell Anderson - Wild Dreams

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Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014

Lovebug pres. 'Funky BRD'

Celebrate the Day of German Unity with Lovebugs 'Funky BRD' mix! Stuff from the Bundesrepublik only! Produced in the 80s! Loads of pushing snares, rolling baselines, heavy metal blues guitars, NDW-synths... and for sure the FUNK! Done by Lovebug from!


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Montag, 22. September 2014

Larry Dixon - Praise Jesus Name

Killer vid from Larrys archives!
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