Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Moi Rene - Miss Honey

This really entertaining video shows Moi Rene. She was most probably the initiator of a short-lived house music sub-genre, which is commonly accepted as "Bitch Tracks", if my understanding is right.
The "Miss Honey" release came out in the early nineties and was followed by a few other like-minded tracks, especially in the New York area. Juicy and sexually loaded vocals(yelled by highly made-up sissies), laid over pumping beats and slamming basslines were the typical distinctive features that made dancefloors go crazy and mental.
Well, Bitch Tracks had a really short lifespan(please think of those jealous male and macho producers, who have beaten Bitch House to death, hahah) and there are just a few notable tunes out there, but some of them are really worth to pick and to be played out. Miss Honey is my personal classic Bitch Track. FUCK YEAH!
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