Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009

motherland - doesnt really matter

Our friends of the band motherland from berlin have done a new music video for their song "doesnt really matter". The band was established by the terrific beat composer Samuel Long from Manchester in late 2007 if i'm not mistaken. They originally appeared as a triumvirate existing of the two singers Marcella + Sabine Gottfried and Samuel behind the machines but by now they found their ideal formation with Matthew Lutz-Kino from New York entering them as an artistic performer and vocalist.
Clever beatprogramming, coming out sometimes lo-fi and heart-rendingly vintage, catchy voices by Marcella + Sabine and a stunning stage performance come into my mind when thinking about motherland.
For more information and music check their myspace(you can find the link in our friends list)!

I'm waiting for their first ep!

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