Montag, 1. Juni 2009

Klinte Jones - In the heat of the night

What this? "BOOGIE RECORDS"? Moreover, a production by Patrick Adams with a Mix Version by Tony Humphries? Wow, the great cover! What's going on??? Boogietunes Musik? GEMA? No year of release on the label! OBSCURE!!!???... The collectors hand began to prickle!!!! ....
But calm down. It's just the german issue of a great but lost boogish dancefloorstarter which has been released in the UK and US before in 1984. I found it today at the flewmarket in "Wäschenbeuren", far away from Ulm, what is definitely is the most obscure thing to me :). Anyway, 100% bleepgeeks recommendation on this!

Klinte Jones - In the heat of the night
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