Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

Die Kassette @ Lindenau, Leipzig

"Die Kassette" in Lindenau (Leipzig) is a store where you can exchange your old mixtape with those from another people. Whilst that you can drink coffee and beer or read the newspaper or simply hang around. It's great to have this old-school flavour back in our days of P2P, MySpace and for sure... Blogs... where you can get easily all sorts of music without moving from your seat. Here we have some private pictures which have been taken last weekend. Between the Mixtapes you can see paintings of an art exhibition by Bodo Hansen.



:::Backstock #2:::

:::Exchanging a cassette:::

:::Hanging around:::

:::"Cassette of the Month":::

Please visit http://www.diekassetteleipzig.de for getting more information!!!!
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