Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

Blog/Twitter software promo TODAY ONLY (for alle mac users)

as mentioned a while ago we`re into checking out new software to make our life of the never ending struggle with computers more bearable...
this time it is quite close to the work i have to do while writing this post. and guess what? i am using a local blog-editor at the moment. it`s just quicker, easier, nicer to write, edit and maintain. so if you haven`t allready looked into the blog-editor universe or found them kinda too expensive, here`s a chance to grab one of the best one`s for the mac os x operationg system at a reduced price: Blog (by brainjuice)

This promo ends in approx. 12 hours, so be quick or be lame again :-D i think the price today is a no brainer and i can definitely recommmend it!

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