Montag, 25. August 2008

optimo door policy

the multi-talented jd twitch and jg wilkes(a.k.a optimo) are one of the best dj´s in the world. besides educating dancefloors all over the world they´re running a monthly party series called optimo in glasgow´s sub club.
read their door policy, it makes fun!

"Optimo tries to operate the most egalitarian door policy that we can. Recently this has failed, so as of now we will endeavour to make the following work - if you feel it isn't working, please let us know.

From now on NOBODY skips the queue and we mean nobody (if Henrik Larsson or Madonna come down, tough - they can get in line with everyone else). Everyone trying to skip the queue will be informed that they can't and if we find anyone has found a way to sneak in, we will have them barred. The only exceptions to this rule will be people who work with us, Sub Club staff having a night off and on very rare occasions if we have close friends from out of town who we have invited down - for example my sister comes about once every two years so I'm not going to make her queue, but I will make my girlfriend queue!

Also, if you are on the guest list, this will no longer ensure that you get in. If the club is oversubscribed and you are at the back of the queue but on the guest list - tough - you should have got there earlier.

For us, life isn't a popularity contest so we don't care one iota if this pisses anyone off. The people who will moan about this are the people who we couldn't care less whether they were at the club or not. Just because you have been coming to the club for years does not make you superior to someone who has just discovered Optimo.

Hopefully this will work and won't lapse back to the old ways after a few weeks. Hopefully it will make the club a more enjoyable experience for everyone and we can get on with doing what we love doing most - sloppy djing - and not have half our minds worrying about the queue all the time.

One thing you can all do though - if you are in the queue and people are skipping in in front off you, politely tell them to beat it."

Twitch, Wilkes, Roland & Mac - May 2003
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