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Horse Meat Disco @ Eagle London 22-08-2008

Horse Meat Disco is dedicated to the industry of human happiness and it pumps it out every Sunday at THE EAGLE LONDON (formerly South Central). Its the queer party for everyone; Homos and Heteros, club kids, bears, fashionistas, naturists, guerilla drag queens and ladies who munch ...

That's how Horse Meat Disco is describe on their website. It's a weekly party at the Eagle London, in Vauxhall, south of London, and it's where I went Sunday night.

Vauxhall seems to be the center of the alternative gay culture in London. There are lots of men and lots of clubs around Vauxhall station. Few of them are in railroad arches.

I started heading toward the venue at around 10 pm. For the simple reason that I didn't wanted to be there to early I took up time, took the tube to Kennington and walked to Vauxhall. When I arrived there at 11, at 349 Kennington Lane, an industrial area, there was a queue of 100 meter, all around the place. People in the queue told me, that it is always long, but that at that night it is extraordinary long because of the bank holiday on monday. If you want to go there, leave early, take public transportation straight to Vauxhall station, if you can't or don't want to afford a taxi, and go straight there. It took me two hours to get in.

What can be said about the door policy? That there is none, I guess. The crowd in the queue, 95 percent men, a few ladies and a few people with unidentifiable gender where all let in. The age varied from around 25 to around 45. There was no special style apart form an wide variety of gay styles, queens, fags and bears ... To be honest, most of the styles where pretty boring. It seemed to me, that a lot of them where just meant to fulfill any gay cliche. There where a few interesting looking people, artistic moustaches and quiffs, but all in all, this was not a fashion place.

The venue contained roughly 350 people. It looked like any random disco club. Black walls and a laser show, a big bar as the heart of the place, TV screens, nothing special, and a garden. Not nice, not stylish, just boring.

But the music was amazing. A wide variety of deep disco styles, from funky 70ies to spacey 80ies, pumping ahead. It's the style of the music and how it is consumed at Horse Meat Disco, that makes the thing special. If people listen to disco music in clubs, it's mostly acquired an unsteady way, if they like a song, they go like crazy and if they don't, they just walk away. But here the way the people reacted, reminded me more of techno clubs. They were just dancing further. Disco dancing, less as a postmodern ironic manner to take the piss out of existence, but more as a way of sustained motion.

After one hour I left the place to meet some friends of my friend from Berlin at another party. If you are not gay, don't go there alone. It's a gay place where everybody can go, but it's meant to be for men to meet other men.
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