Dienstag, 2. April 2013

Lovebug pres. 'Body Music'

The lazy days are behind us and it's all about revitalising the body. Try this refreshing music mix while doing som' exercises in any way you want to...! 

01. Billy Nichols - Whip Your Body (Whip it, Whip it, Whip it)
02. Michael Wilson - Groove It To Your Body
03. Isaac Price II - Body Movements
04. Wicked - Bring Your Body
05. Stargasm - Body Rock
06. Escapade - Somebody's Body
07. Sonny Padilla Jr. - It's Your Body
08. Eddie Banks Jr. - Work That Body Hard
09. Serena - Get Your Body Up
10. Connie's Crew - Leave My Boodie Alone


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HJW hat gesagt…

wanna reupload this mix?