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In the big world of 80's boogie, neo-disco, re-edits, represses and originals i stumbled across a very interesting output only available on cassette. It's very lo-fi bedroom sounding, filled with killing synths and drums in a catchy arrangement. Very special indeed! And, limited to 100 pieces it gives the perfect feed for the collector. I was wondering who or what is behind „Moon B“. Not too much info is given in the internet at that time so i decided to make a contact and ask a few questions...

1. Hello Moon B! Simply, who are you?

Firstly, I want to say thank you for reaching out. I’m elated at your interest in the cassette project of mine! It’s my first “pressing” of a tangible art product, and I’m very pleased and happy with the steam and interest it is garnering around the world in less than a month that it has been out.
I’m simply a guy from the Southern United States who has composed music on synths, samplers and drum machines for over half my life. I live in Atlanta with my lovely wife and two small dogs in a house that is getting too small for all of my equipment and records!
The name ‘Moon B’ is merely a made-up concept in my mind. In America, a “moonbat” is political slang for a far-left leaning policy/law maker. To me it means a person who creates art full time and earns a decent living from it. I didn’t want it to sound so blatant (and definitely not political), so I shortened the “bat” to merely “b”.

2. That's interesting! So, as i can expect from your words you're nevermore a youngster but an experienced guy! How did you come to makin' music, especially to that kind? It needs skills and knowledge... and furthermore... what is your aim?

Growing up in and around Memphis, Tennessee, I was very much drawn to the exploding Memphis rap scene and those types of productions; soul samples mixed with hyper drum machine programming and some synths thrown in over the top. I didn’t get into dance music until the late 90’s. I started making my own compositions on digital synth workstations as a teenager. I did that privately for a decade. It wasn’t until about three years ago I grew nostalgic and went to old analog synths and drum machines. I’m completely enamoured by it now. I wanted to take chances with my arrangements and lay down an album’s worth of sounds that sounded good to me--this is a tape I would want to buy and listen to on a cheap cassette player while laying in bed on a rainy night.

There are many artists that I respect and BUY music from that are releasing similar output--LX Sweat (from Germany!), Sand Circles, Terrekke (on L.I.E.S. Records), of course Legowelt (Danny Wolfers) plus many others that release those ‘dirty’ sounding (cassette-hissing) projects. You can add Moon B to that list. However, my goal was not only to have that aesthetic (because I love it and grew up listening to tapes), but also incorporate arrangements that I like listening to. Stabs and simple melodies are good but I gravitate towards playing jazz influenced chords, processing them with a few effects, running them through a sampler across a few octaves and then arranging a song over a mid-tempo house or boogie/funk drum palette. As far as the cover art, I’m fascinated by Hinduism and the mystique surrounding idol worship. The statue pictured is actually glued to my car dashboard! I like to think that the music is possibly as mysterious and otherworldly? That was possibly the aim? It turned out more cohesive and conceptual than I thought it would, but that was due to many happy accidents!

3. I understand. Most of the time it's better to let things run and get a result. Anyway, your sound, in the end, appears so elaborated to me! If we go back to the 80's or even 70's... where music has been put to tape often because the musician simply had no money for better equipment. What is the very different from you to musicians in the past?

I’m glad it comes across as complex. I can be a complex person, aka, a stubborn arse! I’m sure my wife would attest to that. However, I think that’s good. I want musicians and those in the know to listen to the tape and ask themselves “where did he get that sound?”, or “what technique did he use there?”. That’s always fun for me as a listener.As far as using tape, I just missed the warmth of it. It’s not a financial issue, though getting tapes pressed is very cheap and quick! Haha..

4. Which equipment do you use and which engineering do you especially apply?

All hardware! I utilized a lot of Ensoniq gear, such as the ESQ-1 and the Mirage sampler. The Mirage sampler (and sound disks from a company called Syntaur) surprisingly has such a treasure trove of fat kicks and snares that you don’t hear a lot in current dance recordings, so I used a lot of those. Most importantly, it was all recorded on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder I purchased on EBay. For good measure, extra compression/tape effect was applied to the recording of the master using an on-board mastering tool from a Roland CD recorder I’ve had for over a decade now. It’s on its last legs nowadays, and you can even hear a few mistakes in the final tape as a result!

5. If music was your hobby, what else are you doing in Atlanta? Is there somewhat like a „scene“ where you can die down...? I'm also talking about djing or even playing live?

I dj’ed in my college days and spin at private parties for friends and family nowadays. And yes, I do plan on playing out live by summer’s end. Nothing big--perhaps a quaint coffee house here in my neighborhood or something like that and if the response is good, I’ll go from there. I’d love to play in Europe one day--I do know that! Especially Germany!

6. Things are changing. Let's assume you're still underground at the moment. What would happen to you if you came overground, by whatever reason? Let's dream about airplays, offers in TV-Liveshows...

Yes! I can dream about that! It would be grand to have a tune pop up in a film somewhere, some day. I scored a very small indie film in college and really enjoyed that. For now though, I just want to continue with releasing music the rest of this year. Fortunately, I’m in talks with Andrew Morgan at PPU (People’s Potential Unlimited) to get ‘Moon B’ released on a new imprint of his, called Limousine Wind--a full 12” LP on wax of course! Just being in the same company as some of the special releases he’s been a part of the past five years or so would be fantastic! So, I’m excited about that. Also, I’m nearly finished with a straight up house EP that I will self release on vinyl; one in which the tempo is increased ever so slightly, and more classic gear will get WERKED OUT! So watch out for that!

7. Crazy, man! You've got loads of plans and to be signed on PPU would be enourmous! So, how should the whole thing happen? Is it like putting the tapesound on vinyl? Or even digital or mp3? Are you open to that? I mean, doing a private press is still underground style....

I’ve been a huge fan of PPU for a while now and communicated to Andrew that I had finished a tape. He listened, liked it and told me to send it to him to sell on his Earcave online store. He’s quite a busy man right now, but around fall it should get cranked out on vinyl--same sound and all! To be honest, I’ve never thought about releasing digitally. I’m that into collecting records and tapes, so I have a one track mind when it comes to my own releases.

8. Imagine all of your experiences never'd happened. Who would you be now?

Probably a boring television weatherman in a small, southern American town, or a struggling, alcoholic writer.

9. Imagine a flood has destroyed your whole equipment, works and records completely. All's gone, you can't repair.

It’s ensured!! They’d better pay up!!

10. As a reader of this text, i'm keen on your stuff (already) right now! And, i want further information! WHERE CAN I GET IT?

Pay a visit to any of the following sites!
Or, just send me a direct mail at I’d love to hear from you.

Yep, some final words to the readers out there from my side... i hope you enjoyed the conversation and got to know Moon B a bit better! I did! Folks, get your own copy as long it's available! THIS STUFF'S HOT! Mr. Lovebug

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