Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

GOMMA Podcast #76 - Marvin's Paranoia Mix

I really like the mixes of my buddy Marvin from Munich. His selections are always well thought-out and faithfully jointed, convincing and all along backed with moments of surprise for enduring listening pleasures. His Paranoia Mix is another one of his sublime efforts, bringing the club to your home and making your home appear as an exciting club. His so called Paranoia occurs as a pleasant perception! You can catch him regularly at Bar Charlie and other serious spots around Munich. Don't miss this talented guy!


1. Afrotrance III
2. Torch Song – Ecstasy
3. Early Techno
4. Black Cock – Here And Now
5. L.B. Bad – E3 E6 Roll On
6. Depeche Mode – Shout
7. Outcasts – The Chase
8. Blind Vision – Bestalic Beat
9. Prince – Bob George
10. Propaganda – Frozen Faces
11. Fad Gadget – The Box
12. The Thing – Fixed Wing
13. Dreamworld – On Flight To Light
14. Paranoia
15. Fidalfetti – Experience
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