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Arp-Life - Baby-Bump (1977)

The ARP-LIFE group was formed in January 1976 at the suggestion of Mateusz Święcicki and Andrzej Korzyński. A few months later it was joined by Maciej Śniegocki who has been its conductor, composer and arranger.
'Arp-Life' is not a platform group, but a typical studio ensemble attached to the Polish Radio and TV. It makes the fullest use in its recordings of the studio equipment, i.e. multi-tracks, sound deformation, etc.
The group derives its modern sound from an electronic set of percussion Instruments, together with strings, brass and a vocal group.
The numbers the "Arp-Life" has been recording sound like and are in the style of discotheque music as just this idiom its members find most resting and relaxing for them.
The group's repertory consists mostly of pieces by its founder - members, mentioned earlier, as well as of arrangements of popular hits both of today and the recent past.
All its numbers are recorded by Andrzej Malczewski, the sound engineer cooperating with the group.
They owe their name, the "Arp-Life", to Mateusz Święcicki who got the idea from the ARP company's synthetizer, one of the electronic devices in the group's initial instrumental line-up.

[Taken from the Jumbo Jet LP original sleeve]

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