Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

FRESHLY Squeeeeezed & Homemade : The Opus Leopard Band Project

"Falco meets Kraftwerk in 2012", (Maximilian, Bavaria Germany when listening to "Testosteron")

It all started last year on a warm summer night. Florian Schröder unexpectedly called me up to go out for a walk. I just have randomly met him before but as my eyes needed some rest from computer work i was happy to do so.
After a reasonable amount of smalltalk he started to mention a new project he was working on: A new approach of Falco styled lyrics. He almost immediately started to sing some verses and i was so intrigued that i couldn`t resist to ask him for a shot on doing the instrumentals.
9 Months later we are quite happy about this 6 track mini album. It`s hard to say if without an understanding of the german lyrics the songs still kick ass. i hope they do. otherwise: that might be your last and only reason to refresh your german school lessons :-)


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