Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Lithuanian Punks, Elektrenai, 1988

journalist will be J
J: what is a family?
J: is it so hard to answer this question?
girl: of course
J: how do you think, is family something that is needed at all?
guy1: i wouldn't say so.
J: why do you say so?
guy1: well... all sorts of scandals occur, for very unimportant things,
guy2: the worst is when a wife wants crystal, and you don't want it.
guy1: for example i really don't like gold
guy1: i don't like it, it costs too much
guy3: metal (but he ment iron) is way better
J: so now your married for three months now, did you have any conflicts?
girl: no, we had some before the wedding.
J: why so? What were those conflicts about?
girl: for very small things.
J: does material welfare have a big role towards family's harmony, wellbeing?
guy2: it depends, those who want to live well (as in, be rich) does have some importance, but if want to live normally, it doesn't have any importance as long as wife and a husband get along well.
guy1: well if they don't need money but need love, it won't have any influence.
guy3: i agree with "Screw's" (nickname of guy1) opinion.
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