Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Mezzanotte - Mezzanotte (LP, 1984, Sneak Preview)

I was hunting for this for a long time... and nowadays it's nevermore that piece of wax that's hard to find. But what maintained: the great mood on this record. It's filled with fm-synths and interesting programming, lush vocals and freshly pressed boogie-juice, but classic. Man, this brings 1984 definitely perfect together. While listening, i'm dreaming of a chicesque frenchy style, Paris(ienne), design-furniture and cars (what is normally not my cup of tea to dream about). The whole dream is then followed by absolute abstraction. Wow... extravaganza. "Don't give in" is the real winner here. Please raise the volume here especially to the maximum, haha. Well, the recording has some crackles here and there. But hey, better than nothing!
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NoNoNoMusic hat gesagt…

Hey there! Amazing record. Any chance to get the file up again?