Montag, 6. Februar 2012

KEYNOTES - Enter - State (Drive On Mix) (1990)

We were playing records, talking records, checking records, signing records and of course, listening to records during our funny radio show last weekend. The term detroitish(which we found cruising the web) was the trigger for some serious talk followed by collective noisy laughter as it sounds a bit rowdy and somehow like a message of half-truth. It's funny and useable anyway. I was just checking through my collection for Detroit Techno the other day and got reminded on the KEYNOTES release by relatively unsung hero Art Forest, which came out on Detroit based Incognito Records. Art Forest always seems like he was the man working behind the curtain. I'm a fan of his tracks and Enter - State is amongst his very best. Frantic melodies and romantic strings shape into pure Detroit perfection. Art made art!

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