Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

From Scratch : GUNG HO 1,2,3

From Scratch (1980) Geoff Chapple, Phil Dadson, Wayne Laird, Don McGlashan. Gung Ho means 'work together" and takes it's title from the gung ho workers' co-operative movement established in China in 1938 by New Zealander( Rewi Alley (1897 - 1987). The one hour work is in 7 sections, 3,4,5 through to 9,10,11, with each module exploring consecutive number, triadic and tonal permutations. Each module gets progressively longer as the piece evolves. The video is an excerpt of the 8,9,10 module only and is an edit from a performance of three modules originally filmed in 1980 for the TVNZ arts programme Kaleidescope, directed by Gray Taylor.
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