Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

Fr. 18.11.2011: bleepgeeks w/ the bleepgeeks dj's @ Cabaret eden

Every single resident night is special for us. It's always some sort of reflection of our musical status quo, compared with the past and furnished with a hint of the future. Preferences change all the time, maybe because of the season, everyones frame of mind or just because of thousands of other (un)important reasons. For instance, i haven't played straight disco for a while, but my last gig in munich brought me back to some of my favourite disco tracks and it felt so right to play them out(aditionally noticed that disco records arrive in my PO Box all the time). Blending, cutting and struggling with disco mixes is always so much fun. We'll see if Friday night will be all about Disco for me or will it be some raw Belgian acid-soaked and sex-vocalised New Beat? The list of flavours could go on and on, it always depends on the mood, but we already mentioned this earlier, right!? A bleepgeeks resident night is playground!

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