Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Fried Tofu Edits Vol. 2

We got mail from Fried Tofu Headquarters! No, there wasn't any Tofu wrapped in but very good news from the release corner. The faithfully conducted vinyl only label is based around the idea of creating dedicated edits from well known and obscure disco/funk tunes without walking right into the 'bass-war', 'loudness' and 'cheap showmanship' trap, which is sadly the case these days, considering all the imersional and unimaginative edit releases that flood the market(we naturally stay out of the judges and hangmen game though). As opposed to this Fried Tofu is doing super well, has done a great job with its first record and the second one with even more discofied madness is just to come. Fried Tofu is on the bleepgeeks disco radar. Boogie while its hot and before they're gone!

Fried Tofu website

Fried Tofu soundcloud
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