Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Electric Banana Band – Singe-Linge Disco (1983)

Funky, positive and suntanned Disco from Sweden with a great sense of humour. The a-side of this record is called U.F.B., which means Unidentified Flying Banana. Seems like bananas were the main inspiration source for those guys from Electric Banana Band. As it comes to the music, it's always big fun to listen to this record. I should upload U.F.B. too! Note: This is the 12inch Version!

Electric Banana Band – Singe-Linge Disco
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3 Kommentare:

christian hat gesagt…

funny one! i also had this 12inch, i found it 2years ago in a second hand store but i never played it:-(, thanks for the reminder:-), regards

Serdar hat gesagt…

never forget about your singe-linge disco! : )

SERGIO RIZZOLO hat gesagt…

This band was the bi-product of a popular childrens programme when I was growng up in the 1980's.
The amazing guitar work that really brings the track together is by Janne Schaffer, Swedens most prolific studio musician.