Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

07.07.2011: DO WE DO @ KONG

I was kindly invited by the Kong crew from Munich to play at their weekly "Do We Do" gathering on Thursdays. This will be a beginning of a series maybe, with bleepgeeks dj's taking place at Kong. Not sure yet what the content of my record bag will look like but things slowly start to devise as i was lucky to get hands on a few new old records lately, from all over the place. That is and always will be(at least for me) one of the biggest fun parts of deejaying. Selecting records and music for different occasions. Head and hands start working and various records from various places initiate bridges and routes, triggering new ideas with joy and anticipation. The Kong route will surely be warm and wealthy. I've been there once and felt good vibes over there, so i'm just looking forward to work the floor and see some Munich friends! Oh, we were talking music, right!? This just found the way to my record box, a long-term personal favourite on mine:

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