Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

JD Twitch - Bass and Bleepcast 1989 - 2011 (Optimo Podcast 9)

JD Twitch from the well known Optimo Dj-crew has mixed a very nice Podcast, which is fantastically portraying the UK Bass and Bleep Sound with tunes, ranging from the very beginning of the movement until its latest excesses. The mix expertly connects the dots between the early sounds of labels like WARP and productions from a new breed of artists, who are trying bring the ideas from back then to the fore. As readable as listenable the podcast is, is a text(check here) by JD Twitch, which is accompanying the mix. A great little history lesson, packed in 130 minutes and 40 records. Hats off!

Optimo Podcast 9 Bass and Bleepcast 1989 - 2011 by JD Twitch
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