Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Hillegonda C. Rietveld – Disco's Revenge: House Music's Nomadic Memory

Browsing on one of Simon Reynolds many weblogs i found a link to an academic open access journal Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture. It was there where I came across the paper Disco's Revenge: House Music's Nomadic Memory by Hillegonda C. Rietveld.
Mrs Rietveld is Reader in Cultural Studies at London South Bank University and a musician. In the early 80ies she and the notorious Mike Pickering were the two founding member of the band Quando Quango on Factory Records and were thereby responsible for a few pretty stirring releases you'd probably called new wave back then and you'd maybe call proto-house nowadays.

The text is interesting to read – it's discussing some nice pieces of music – but it totally lacks stance and conclusively argued theses. I had a hard time trying to discuss some of the assumptions, trying to write a smart review but it was not possible, the whole thing is just too inconsistent. Only the last paragraph is conclusive and the rest of the text doesn't really meet its requirements. I don't want to further go into details. Read yourself but don't take it too serious.

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