Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

The Czech Disco: Discopribeh - Kamelie ORM - Bohemia

Not too much disco-stuff is shown from our neighbouring country, or it's simply hard to get when it fades into obscure and abnormal. I don't claim to be a specialist in czech disco, but anyhow I've gathered together some little information.

Let's start with ORM's -Video Disco aka Hana&Dana... I was wondering how this track could ever reach the light because it's so so fresh and non-communistic, ha! Something like a trick from the producers!? Kicks ass from the start to the end. Otherwise, sorry, these girls made shitty stuff for the masses.

Besides of the czech cartoon „Krtek“ (mole) or other films of a fairy tale that still makes the youth (and senior) happy there's a movie called "Discopribeh" (Disco-Story) that focuses on teenagers or dudes that are coming of age, so... nothing for me anymore... anyhow, nice mood and pictures showing the teeny star Michal David in action (who is still active today)...the groovy soundtrack is available on CD.

Serious stuff here and very collectable: Bohemia - Co mi brani is disco-funky-jazz-whatever music with this little lo-fi underground appeal...

That's all from my side. Do you know more about czech music guys? Please contact us!

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