Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

A bleepgeeks Retrospection of 2010

Dozens of merry radio shows, countless entries on our blog, numerous psyched up music sessions, extensive think tanks, funny digging tours, long journeys, super balearic chill-outs, meaty barbecues, restful hiking days and exactly twelve bleepgeks events. 2010 has been and still is a terrific year for us! There's no volcanic dust on our records and no negative data stored on WikiLeaks.

Once again, the love of music was our biggest impulsion to push things forward and to move into different directions, in terms of music and in terms of pivotal reflection about all things, concerning the bleepgeeks issue.
All efforts flowed into our bleepgeeks nights, were everything was made alive. The music, the passion, the wants, the creative outcome, the fear, the fun, the right things, the wrong things, the mistakes, the pleasure and last but not least, our love.

Affirmative! We were blessed! We solely went through great nights, bar none, made deep experiences and each bleepgeeks night was very special for us, thanks to different reasons and context.

Our resident nights were conceived as enlarged and experimental music sessions, to expand our own musical programme with no borders on the one hand, and to build the best possible bridges between our bookings and guests on the other hand. We can't thank our crowd nowhere near enough for giving us the opportunity to try and test, to succeed and even to fail. We learned a lot and we keep learning all the time. As everybody should now for sure, we deeply feel connected to our crowd, friends and fellows!

Same is true of our bookings, guest djs and live acts. It's very hard to clothe our perfect appreciation in words. Everyone was just so unique, inspiring and authentic.
The congenial Permanent Vacation Djs, who showed us the perfect balance between sophisticated pop and munich styled disco, the adept and charming De:Bug Journalist Finn Johannsen, who teached us in playing and bringing together all the good vibes of european and american dance music, the amazing Düsseldorfers Stabil Elite Band and Jan Schulte, who take the Sound of Düsseldorf to the next level(think of Kraftwerk, Neu! and the likes), The Washington D.C. cats from the Beautiful Swimmers, who burned down the house boogie-wise and cultivated swimming moves in the club, the man Hunee, who always comes up with something new and makes it so easy to fall in love with his style, the Munich-heads Benjamin Roeder and Marvin C. Schuhmann, who rocked the crowd and made them cheer for reggae, the Dresden based booking-agent #npnk, who took care of the rough and raw, and Chicago-based gentleman Melvin Oliphant III a.k.a. Traxx, who hit us deep and showed us the definition of Kode and Jakbeat(his very own philosophy and take on dance music).

With all our guests and musical selections, we always try to stay as diverse as we can and aim to spot and fill the needs of our beloved city, with no fear of taking risks and a firm belief.

Great music came out 2010 and there was one thing in common: It made our hearts leap for joy! To name everything specifically by name would just go beyond the scope of this tiny and little retrospection, but there was so much to explore this year!
The whole UK-bass and post-dubstep explosion, the limited pressings from america, ranging from funk, disco, boogie, outsider music to cold but heartwarming new-wave and synthpop, the european labels, that brought house, techno and exciting pop efforts into our PO Box(let's think of the much-respected hard-wax white label stamps for example). Listings just could go longer and longer but let's stop the love letters here for all the new music out there.

The mammoth amount of our research fields and discoveries was the 2nd hand market for sure, that made us drive and browse through germany and other countries. We rang bells, made everything dusty, from our fingers to our pants and jackets, smelled strange air in lofts, made record stores shaky and we heavily used all the internet shizzle to find records, records and even more records. The result? Our bleepgeeks music archive got bigger and bigger and it was so much fun to bleegeek all this stuff together!

A new thing came up with one of our signature features. We went into new solutions and strategies with the bleepgeeks flyers. It's not always easy with flyers, but that's also the fun part of it. After we went through a huge collection of our dear friends, Marc Hörger and Florian Wild, we've went a little bit dry to find the perfect photo match for each months happening at our resident club cabaret eden. So we started digging for pictures, as we are used music-wise. Struggling at first, connecting up with the photographers of our pictures of desire and working out reasonable fees, we soon had some really great and creative contributions this year from Russia, Norway and Portugal for example, which easily can be seen on our pages.

A lot of stuff is planned, some things will happen, some things not, but we will do our best to keep everything alive and healthy, stretching the vision and the ideas of bleepgeeks into new fields and areas. Keep your eyes wide open for 2011!

First things last: We wish you all the best and a happy new year!
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