Freitag, 19. November 2010

Bleepgeeks with Hunee @ Soju Bar Berlin

Berlin Madness! We had such a great night on Friday last week with beautiful vibes at Kreuzbergs Killer Spot Soju! That bar/club/karaoke thing Soju is around the famous Skalitzer Strasse in Kreuzberg and can be outlined as a dessert place for the Kimchi Princess restaurant. Both places are next to each other and our new friend and music enthusiast Hyun Wanner is the manager of both places. He's doing his job very good! Those korean billboards are true eyecatchers and complement this cosy and graceful place perfectly with its good soundsystem and fantastic drinks!

And Yes, we played over 9 hours of our favourite music, together with our terrific all-time homie Hunee! What a blast! It's always very inspirational to see Hunee playing records, as he is so avid with music and super energetic! There is nuthin' but 100% passion in it! We're highly thankful for everything, Hunee, Soju and Hyun, all the dancers and our dear Ulmer who showed up and made a great night even greater!

We'll be back soon, for sure!

Soju/Kimchi website here! for further information.
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ps. tonight again, and i will miss you soooo baaaaad!