Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Twice Of Love - 24 Hours From Culture

This is one of my favourite Tracks from the New Beat era. Produced by the two belgian guys Bruno Van Garsse and Jacky Meurisse, Twice of Love seemingly was a one off project, maybe just done to make their interpretation of New Musik's 24 Hours From Culture, no more, no less, right? The whole track has a very clean production that somehow creates a cold and specific new beatish feeling which is broken in patches by a warm laughing and spoken voice by a female vocalist. It catches me in a right way and that weird but stretching arrangement keeps me interested every time!

There was even a mini-cd release of this single in 1989, i don't know why, maybe you know why? Let me know!

Twice Of Love - 24 Hours From Culture
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