Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

Albert Daiber in SWP Ulm

For those of you who have never been there. The Albert Daiber location is a place at Neue Straße/Ehinger Tor, operated by two young and motivated cats called Laura Schupp and Wanda Wollinsky. The space randomly opens its doors for parties, poetry slams, exhibitions and other occasions. Trashy and pleasant in its look, DIY in its approach, Albert Daiber is already a shure shot for those who know and a new and cool addition to Ulm's nightlife. You can see a picture of our friends Laura and Wanda on the picture below. So, you young and aspiring space crackers, go on an do your thing! We like it a lot!

So what's going on with the news. The local paper SWP has discovered Ulm's new hope in alternative amusement and culture. They've given its carriers an adequate space to reveal themselves about their incitements and the state of play. Reiner Türke, an administrator in the Citizens Registration Office speaks about Albert Daibers problems in their early days and the report gives an informative view for laymen and fanciers of what is and what was happening in that spot.

SWP Ulm Report here!

Pictures taken from SWP website.
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