Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

26.03. : Luv Dancin' with Filippo Moscatello, Loud E and Knüppel @ Root Club Ulm

The wheel has come full circle! Filippo Moscatello, one of the most eccentric caretakers of Ulm's musical heritage, is back in town with a new monthly night called "Luv Dancin" at Root club, the well known basement venue in the heart of the cities pedestrian precinct.
Filippo Moscatello is a cool cat! After travelling the earth, under his glittering "Naughty" moniker, as one of the key figures of the International Deejay Gigolo era, he soon noticed that there is a lot more to do than drinking champagne with Karl Lagerfeld. After pooling his strengths for creative music efforts, he made highly acclaimed EP's for the belgium based hipster Label Eskimo Recordings, simultaneously paying tribute to his very own heroes like Armando and the Chicago House Music scene.
Filippo was still travelling the earth, now using the Berlin airport as his starting point. The capital of Germany already took a big role in his life, as he was helping to evolve the cities club sounds with much-noticed residencies at Cookies and the 12th floor based Weekend venue. His outcome "One Naughty night in Berlin" is an impressive music chronicle of that specific period and it is still easily passing the test of time.
Our most beloved Gigolo made necessary and sensible transitions during his time in Berlin and he still does! Casting off the "Naughty" alias and relocating with new record labels were parts of his natural movement to push things onwards. Filippo found a new home with Moodmusic and endowed the Label with vivid club EP's. The Moodmusic Filippo Moscatello affairs reached peak with a valuable album called Pagliaccio, whose tracks still get plays in the foremost clubs!
We have early spring in 2010 and the man himself is back with a new chapter in his musical career! He keeps watching his output on his own Couture imprint and all his creative energy will flow into the "Luv Dancin" residencies, in Berlin and Ulm.
And yes, he is still naughty, in a good way, as a dj! His sets are spiked with idiosyncratic house drafts, appropriate and rocking club tunes, classic 12 inches and italian disco songs, which have right kick to blow your ass!
We are really looking forward to the first of the Luv Dancin series in Ulm, to hold Filippo once again in our arms! We'll have plenty of time for this as he has backup on the dj booth with Loud E, the holland disco king and Knüppel, the watchman of Berlin's rarest disco records!
You know what? Get your hips to Root club, to see an appearance of Filippo Moscatello, it could be a rare one, 'cause he's still travelling a lot!

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