Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

Disqö Harmony: Center Stage - Never

One of the painstaking disco-producers was Patrick Adams. He dropped thousands of titles with more or lesser success on different labels with several projects, and is doing many stuff still today. One thing's clear: He has a unique style of harmonies in his music.
In 1980, the disco-era almost vanished. Below this text, we have some last shouts from the disco-influencing label "Prelude", which became also relevant for dance-music during the 80's. The A-Side is a heavyweight harmonytune produced by, guess who, chief Patrick Adams as one of his projects "Center Stage". Along on this project we have a super-classy disco B-Side "Are you ready" produced by Christine Wiltshire, which was also a singer on some of the Patrick Adams productions like "Musique". I suppose she was singing on both sides of the record because she seemed to be involved in the whole project. This record came out on Prelude Records Canada only and was probably never released in the US.

Center Stage - Never
Center Stage - Are you ready
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