Montag, 21. September 2009

Moral Support - Strange day for dancing

Hey folks, here we have a nice tune which is a felicitous crossover to synth-pop, italo-electro and whatsoever... and fits easily in the vibe of 'lectric workers - robot is systematic.

"Moral Support was a Canadian group formed when Sandro Durante met closet musician and avid keyboard synthesist Richard Cranford in 1982. After experimenting and jamming together, they really liked what they were coming up with, and decided to get serious about putting an act together. Richard was brilliant with electronics, modifying all of his keyboards and effects devices and controlling everything by computer. When they went to the studio to record, nobody could understand Richard's setup, so they ended up producing themselves. "Strange Day for Dancing" was nominated for a 1984 CASBY "Single of the Year" award, and was also released as a video. Moral Support called it quits shortly afterwards in 1986." (

Moral Support - Strange day for dancing
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