Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009

AKAI S-900 - I can't help it...

When i talk about this now i feel old. Some may know that i produced music in the past. Some may know that i sparley to zero produce music now. However, i found a cheap sounding track i've done in 1998 and now renamed it to my new alias. It was 100% sampling trial with an Akai S-900, which you can find now in a museum. I really liked the preset sinus curve/subbass on this machine which is very unique and great for dubby tracks. Yes, i miss you boy, but three heights in a rack for 1 MB of sampling, 9 outputs and steaming heat production is not my kind of business anymore...
Back to the track. My sampling-sources weren't very innovative and my musical skills also (like today). With too much reverb, to little bass it's giving it a poor but sympathic atmosphere. Especially today. Word Up J. MICHAEL!

"Mr. Lovebug" - I can't help it (Sketch from 1998)

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