Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

Sa. 13.06.2008 : bleepgeeks @ kradhalle [in memory of Paradise Garage]

Ok guys, this one will be very special for us. We will pay tribute to two of our most beloved locations on Saturday night. Kradhalle is "THE" place in our hearts and the Paradise Garage(which will be the theme of the night) was one of the biggest inspiration sources for Bernd Karners and bleepgeeks' musical direction.
Bernd Karner from the legendary and influental Heimelektro Ulm label is the perfect guy to lead us through the night with extra selected pearls from his huge record collection.
He is an extraordinary dj and a former ulm visionary, who established and carried Heimelektro Ulm Records in the end of mid nineties till the early years after turn of the millenium. Many artists took their place on the booth in Ulm during this period, ongoing from Hans Nieswandt, Autechre, Move D, Dmx Krew and Monolake to Dj Spooky, Mouse on Mars and many others...
He wasn't able to play out at our Marco Passarani date due to sickness but now he is even in more joyful expectation!

And as Bernd Karner said:

"late 70ties to early 90ties: how it all started - a journey from funk/soul and rare grooves to disco, to house and garage - a homage to Larry Levan and the other heroes of the early days..."

We will be happy to welcome you!
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