Samstag, 13. Juni 2009

Mateo and Matos - The No Props E.P.

This is a valuable one, at least sometimes and I was lucky to get it for cheap quite a while ago now. Everything about this record is so nineties. It was produced by Mateo & Matos(having numerous releases in the 90ies) and it came out on Henry Street Music which had its heydays in the mid nineties, bestowed by the usual suspects from that era like Kenny Dope, Dj Sneak and Armand van Helden.
The same is true for the music! John Mateo and Eddie Matos are using the "disco sample and loop based" house formula(which was big at that time) and convert it much better than many of the other releases from that period.

A worth having and worth listening record!
Ask for more tunes on this wax and i'll be happy giving you what you want!

Mateo and Matos - Philly Anthem
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