Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009

Bernard Guyvan - Polar

Whenever i've got an musical US-boogie-overload i mentally escape to our neighbouring country France. Loads of funky stuff has been produced there until today. Here we have a great and clean production from Bernard Guyvan from 1984, doing raps and rhymes what i would call the forerunner of French-Hip-Hop with caution. Here you have the 7" version released on the well-known french label Carrere.

Bernard Guyvan - Polar
for promotional use and for presentation only. we will clear this snippet in a short period of time.
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2 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Very nice record !!!

Written by Phil Barney.

Bernard Guyvan was a Dj.

The first french "rap" in rap was released in 1980. Not important... lol

In France and in French there are a lot of french boogie records !!!

I have a blog totally dedicated to it...

Soon, Kamel (Dj Daybreak)

Mr. Lovebug hat gesagt…

Dear Kamel aka DJ Daybreak! Many thanks for your time to make a comment and leave an additional information! YOUR BLOG IS INSPIRING! Keep in touch, Lovebug