Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009

in search of the perfect latop rucksack

being mobile with a lot of technical equipment (and food) puts a lot of weight on your shoulders and needs a proper carrying device. after 8 years of service my current laptop rucksack / bag (previous model from booq) is falling apart.

after about 18 hours of research and surfing the web the following models got in the closer range of my selection:

while i was kinda satisfied with my booq laptop i wanted to optimize the storage space and transport comfort...

the ortlieb pacman pro & velocity
i love ortlieb, vaude and bree as courier message bags and serious travel bags manufacturer. quality and comfort are really great. especially when you`re on a bike as well.
problem is, that the interior design is so stripped that its most likely you have just one big compartment, which makes its hard to organize lots of tiny gadgets and things. the packman seemed to be among all the models one of the best choices, cause it offers at least two small little places in the front of the bag where you can but your keys and portmonaie. if the look of the velocity model would have been combined with small bag extension like the packman pro i would have bought them. i also don`t like the look of the packman pro that much: it`s too sack(ish). the bree punch 3 bag has a nice design but its too couchy and doens`t seeem to protect the inside that good...

eastpak hudson
eastpak is everywhere. the have a huge range of models and colours and offer nearly every kind of size and shape. the prices are quite nice as well.
so i stumbled upon the hudson model. storage space seemed to be okay, but as i looked closer the depth of the bag is consumed mostly by the two medium front bags and the laptop compartment: that`s a no-no for me and the case should be a little stiffer in my opinion.

north face base camp fuse box
finally i saw a new model from the nort face which looked a little bit awkward but seems to be the perfect match between a courier styled bag and a protector and organizer for my laptop, photo camera, hard drives, vodka water bottle and additional clothes.
the size is just perfect. its larger as the previous mentioned models but distributes the space in a perfect fashion. looks minial and has an extra laptop compartment as well as small ones for quick access. the rest goes in a big compartment. i am really happy with it.

i guess i still will buy a bag like the packman pro or maybe the track model from ortlieb. they are just so great if you carry heavy stuff, maybe after a purchase at the groocery store or a daypack for a picnic on the beach/lake. but technical gadgets have its special requirements. their shapes are mostly rectangular, need protection and organization. that´s why i choose the north face base camp fuse box.

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